Plat and you: how to overcome burnout and grind.

Warframe10 - Plat and you: how to overcome burnout and grind.

As a 6 year vet, I would like to share my personal views on how I keep myself from burning out with frustrating grinds.

This isnt a "HOW 2 GET PLAT FAST 2021 STILL WORKING" guide. More a bit of a mindset to sometimes keep at hand. It is mostly aimed at newer players, though it likely applies to everyone.

Warframe has immense content, but much of it comes with various layers of inconvenience. Sometimes the RNG or drop chances are atrocious. Other times they are exclusive from content you cannot stand. Some is too difficult for newer players, or simply too unbearably time consuming or plain boring to pursue.

DE sometimes has implemented decisions that merely make the game frustrating to play, and slamming yourself against that barrier repeatedly is bound to leave your patience bruised and lead to lack of enjoyment.


It is essential, in my opinion, to come across a functional way to make plat in order to keep you stocked in things like slots, catalysts, and others.

However, most guides will teach you active plat farming methods.

I instead encourage passive plat farming: the idea is to try to make plat without a focused grind, because otherwise all you are doing is replace a boring, unenjoyable grind by another.

This is going to fall upon you to figure out: seek out a way of playing the game that is both enjoyable and profitable. As such, dont follow my example as gospel. To me, here's what worked:

-Syndicate content This is as brainless as it gets. Spend 10 seconds placing an invisible decoration (alpha at zero on your frame, and just play as normal. It is literally as braindead as it sounds. I keep a endless supply of all augment mods offered by my chosen syndicates posted in the market website and whenever i have 75k standing or more, i open up business. At a price of 10 platinum per mod (lower than most people charge) i immediately get swarmed with requests. On good days i ckear all 125k standing on RV and SM in 40 minutes. Thats 100 platinum right there. Super safe, completely passive. I dont even care to do the syndicate missions. Just playing my game as normal.

-Riven mods and Anasa sculptures from sorties

I like doing sorties. Difficulty is just fine for me to use nonmeta frames. I enjoy going on a full covenant run as harrow, or bring my super frail glass cannon banshee. I strive to do them daily simply because, to me, sorties ARE enjoyable content, if simple. As a result, i get a variety of worthwhile rewards. Blue and orange potatoes are a free 20 plat off of my expenses, so is forna – both are welcome rewards. Endo is itself worth stockpiling. Boosters are always helpful as well.


Rivens… I do not care for. I consider the system to be a waste of time. We already are OP compared to our enemies, making the increased power meaningless. It is also wrapped in multiple layers of RNG, and has more in common with a jacklot spin than a meaningful investment of resources. As a result, I barely care to even open them. Most rivens simply get sold off within 10 minutes of a sortie. Prices vary, but you can make 25-50 platinum off of popular types, sometimes increasing wjen new weapons are released. As a result, every day i may make a bunch of plat jyst by doing what I like.

And ayatans, I also dont care for. They are an eyesore, and provide endo – which i can effortlessly acquire passively. I dont maxxxx all mods. Some i leave at levels 8-9. Because the endo cost, to me, does not justify the 5-10% increase in one stat. I may lose out in a fraction of dps, but i save up immense amounts of time, make forna reauirements usually lower by 1 (some particularly hungry weapons as much as 2) to get a full build, and hence, sculptures are worthless to me.

But they drop freauemtly, and slotted, sell for 6-10 platinum. Not bad, for something i passively gain with no use for. I simply stockpile them, slot them, then bulk sell in groups of 6. Effort involved? Zero.

  • requiem mods I stockpile these for the simple reason that I like fighting liches. They are amusing foes to take on with non meta builds. I tend to nonchallant murder a lich like… Once a week wjen actually into it (I have long finished my kuva weapon collection). Between all the thralls and the occasional flood, i frequemtly have spare mods that usually go for 10 apiece. Unlike syndicate mods i can keeeeeep farming them. If i needplat NOW, i just grind these.if not, they come around over time.

These passive sources then allow me to trade for things I cannot be assed to farm. I use this plat to get prime sets (like rivens, I find the RNG involved in relics to be a time waster, and the lv10 lith missions literaly bore me to sleep). I also get weird or unusual mods from here, same as farm drops that I do not indulge on. I never liked eidolons. I killed like 3 of them in 4 years, and do not plan to bother again. But i did get arcane energize to 4/5 with just this method and a couple months. Didnt even feel like I worked for them, heh… Same with the various archgun mods dropped by the orb, and in some cases, i got entire warframes out of the market because the grind was disgusting. Harrow. Nidus. G a u s s. By not caring to do that crap content that i simply DO NOT LIKE, i get the rewards without getting frustrated or tired.

Getting to a point where this becomes reliable may take a while, but I still think a lot of people could improve their enjoyment of the game in this manner. Skipping disliked grinds via trading saves more than just time, but it is relevant to bring up that a lot of people I know "avoid the grind" by… Grinding kuva to infinitely roll the mythical god roll riven.for the 70th attempt.

Just my two (hundred) cents on the topic, is all.

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