Please, DE. No more gigantic bombastic updates for the foreseeable future. Not til you’ve cleaned your plate, and no promoting them at Tennocon when they wont be out for years

Warframe7 - Please, DE. No more gigantic bombastic updates for the foreseeable future. Not til you've cleaned your plate, and no promoting them at Tennocon when they wont be out for years

Mind you, Tennocon is quite a while away. I know that things can come out before then and the opinion of the game can change quite a bit between then. One thing I dont want to see this year is another tease for content that wont even be out at the following Tennocon. I really do feel that after Planes of Duviri (whatever that is) that DE should focus on smaller, more digestible content than they have been. Of course, its important to take the things they've laid out, such as railjack, liches, the New War, these things and touch them up, make them presentable. But I really think the failure of Warframe over the last few years can be attributed to DE biting off more than they can chew. They overhype and excite people with their reveals and fail to deliver on sales pitches for their content and I really think it can be attributed to them splitting themselves too thin to work on far too many things at the same time. It's important that things get released and its important that DE clears their place before throwing any more food onto the mountain of already existing food. I really feel like they should take their time fixing this stuff because it's really buggy and half baked, and that they really shouldn't even talk about anything new they're working on until the important things in the game work right, especially the new content. I'd like to go back to a time when DE weren't crafting gigantic open worlds or humungous, jarringly different game modes and when they focused on smaller things like the Scarlet Spear.

As for Scarlet Spear itself, I honestly dont feel like its that bad of an update. The scoring system is flawed, and the design choices in terms of the pacing of the event could be better, but I do think it calls back to a time when we got simpler events and I'd like to see more things like Scarlet Spear only with more polish. I look forward to things like the next Nightwave and such.


I hate to be the white knight, especially because I hate white knights and people that continually defend people that constantly make mistakes, but DE have been working on the game practically nonstop for years. I'd rather them overstep their boundaries than just straight up burn out and run out of ideas. I think it's important for them to screw up because thats how they grow and learn. I've never played a game where the development team spent so much time listening to the constant and sometimes conflicting demands of the community as DE where they try to give everyone what they want. I used to be the guy that gave DE flack about a lot of things. I was the guy that gave DE flack for not releasing Excalibur Umbra and writing a whole quest around him. So no, I'm not perfect either. I cant imagine how tough they have it right now, being on everyone's shit list while stuck separated from their workplaces and each other and trying to clean up what is quite frankly a mess. It is why I'm not sitting around complaining about their content right now. I come back to Scarlet Spear and dabble with it every so often. I'll probably farm the rest of the legendary arcades and buy what I still need of the lessers. Everything should be much cheaper now.

I'm playing other things right now because I just dont think Warframe is the thing to play right now. I'm not all that motivated by what it has to offer at the moment so it's just on standby for me.

But yeah. I know this post is all over the place. I know I jump around from topic to topic, but that's really how I feel. I'd be more relieved if anything to have Tennocon come around, and what was revealed wasnt some gigantic, bombastic new systems. I dont feel like we need any more giant, conflicting game modes. I dont think we need any more giant open worlds with thousands of new resources. I'd settle for some boss fight reworks here and there. The Sergeant rework, iterations to pets, polishing of things already in the game. Even if the entire year was dedicated to making old things feel fresh again, without so much as a single big thing on the horizon, if the smaller content was just finished and polished and satisfying, that it'd be a much bigger success than these massive, ambitious updates that are just undercooked.

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