Please stop implementing unskippable cutscenes in repeatable content.

Warframe2 - Please stop implementing unskippable cutscenes in repeatable content.

Over the past year(s), we have been getting more and more unskippable cutscenes and moments where the chat is either inaccessible or invisible. While this is to be expected from quest cutscenes, which are generally only done once, it's extremely annoying when it occurs in repeatable content.

Here's a list of the annoyances in cutscenes/animations from repeatable post-Fortuna content:

  • Exploiter orb cutscenes: Unskippable, invisible chat.
  • Railjack boarding from dojo: Unskippable, can't chat. Used to be skippable.
  • Railjack return to dojo: Can't chat. This can be a few seconds up till multiple minutes depending on how potato your squad's weakest computer is.
  • Railjack mounting/dismounting gunning/piloting/artillery seats: Can't chat or toggle the tactical menu.
  • Railjack sitting in a seat: Can't toggle the minimap.
  • Railjack PoI entry/exit: Can skip, will still sometimes break things.
  • Crew ship entry: Cannot skip, because it used to lead to broken states.
  • Crew ship exit: Will not put you near the crew ship if you skip.

  • Ropalolyst cutscenes: Unskippable, invisible chat.

  • Jackal first hook cutscene: Unskippable, Invisible chat.


  • If the host skips the mission entry cutscenes before you are loaded, you cannot skip them.
  • Can't skip NPC dialogue. Notable annoyances are Little Duck's 'fuck off go spoiler mode', Simaris' daily quest completion talk, Onkko's "Onkko?" and Konzu's "Infested boil?"
  • No chat during said NPC dialogue means that you cannot explain to your team why you are AFK for the next minute in the latter two cases.
  • Generic loading screen: Can generally chat, but cannot see the mouse. Makes it hard to invite players to the dojo early if their name is too complicated for /invite.
  • Profit-Taker's mission vote: can result in total loss of functionality if the mission initiator or host leaves. Can't change loadout after accepting the mission and waiting for others to accept.

I understand that a lot of work goes into cutscenes and animations, but there is a point where they stop being awesome to look at and start being an annoyance. The ability to skip a cutscene allows players to mitigate the annoyance once they've seen the cutscenes plenty of times. Without the ability to skip cutscenes, alt-tabbing or using chat is your only option to 'not waste the time spent in cutscenes'.
At the very least, the system should be standardized such that chat is always available. Ideally, cutscenes from repeatable content would also be skippable.

EDIT: I'd like to include /u/Fluffysbeans' comment because I agree with all of it:

In the first place, a game should be designed so that repeated missions don't reuse a cutscene or dialogue, especially if the cutscene or dialogue acts like it's a new experience.

Should they absolutely have to happen:

Repeated cutscenes in games should always take the monster hunter approach and require all players to skip in case someone hasn't seen it yet.

Repeatable dialogue should have a viewer so we can revisit it and then never be played in-mission again OR the dialogue should change to a more generic form without Little Duck saying "what the balls" like she hasn't seen it a hundred times before. Make the game self-aware of how repeated our runs are, make the dialogue reflect that.

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