Please take another look at helminth resources.

Warframe2 - Please take another look at helminth resources.

The percentage that each of the resources gives seems completely ass-backward and there seems to be no correlation between the amount that each resource gives and the amount that is needed.

Ganglion is a great example of this. In the span of playing Deimos for the first 2 weeks casually, I made over 1000. Ganglion not only gives over 50% when liked but also is extremely cheap as it only cost 50 to feed. On the other hand, every resource under bile not only costs a good amount but also nothing gives over 30% when fully liked.

While I understand that the cost is probably based somewhat on what DE think the players will be interested in considering Deimos is new content, nothing under bile is inherently something you can passively farm while not either player a specific game mode or a specific game island

Bile consists of Excavation, Railjack, Fortuna farming, and a few random resources.

  • Railjack up this point has a split player base that consists of:
    • Players that grinded RJ when first released who have maxed ships as well as maxed intrinsics
    • Players that saw the problems with Rj and decided not to play it up to this update
    • New players that do not have their own Rj so they have to "leach" off other people's groups
    • PS. RJ is an unfinished gamemode island that has turned off a lot of people already. While some of those problems have been fixed, not all have and the slog of playing RJ has led to a lot of people (including YouTubers) telling others to not feed or play for RJ resources.
  • Fortuna is an island similar to Deimos but does not have the "hype" surrounding it anymore. Aside from people that are doing the Vox Solaris or leveling Fortuna, there is not much reason to go back once maxed as those resources up to this point were only used or Fortuna content.
  • Excavation is a single game mode with cryotic being a resource that is only available playing this game mode. Unlike argon, which can be found in any void mission as well as a few other ways (including Deimos), excavation requires you to play a specific mission type which not only adds to burnout due to repetitiveness but also is not a fast resource as it is acquired in batches of 100 each .

I am not asking for a change in the number of resources needed as I believe DE has already discussed that. I am asking for them to take a second look at the amount given from each resource because the amount given seems to have no connection to the rarity and amount farmable in a given time.

TL:DR – The resources have no balance between the amount farmable and the amount needed. Bile as a whole is horribly costly and most of the content surrounding it has been deemed unfun/ the main player base does not enjoy playing it. If DE has no interest in changing the amount of resources needed at least consider changing the % given in return for feeding specific resources.

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