Potentially Unpopular Opinion: The Wolf is a poorly designed boss that is a pain to fight.

Warframe7 - Potentially Unpopular Opinion: The Wolf is a poorly designed boss that is a pain to fight.

I very well might be Wolf Sledging a dead horse here, but I need to vent.

I really really really hate the Wolf of Saturn Six. He, right now, feels to me to be a waste of a great character design. I loved the thought of a new Stalker-type boss that invades you. The Stalker dies if I breathe on him wrong at this point, so I initially welcomed some challenge. This ain't it chief. By challenge I did not mean 2,000+ armor, bullet sponge mechanics so bad that my fights lasted over 30 minutes, and complete immunity to some of the best Warframe DPS abilities. I mean why on earth did DE make him untargetable by Mesa's Peacemakers? Really?

I've killed the Wolf a staggering three times now, and I've encountered him one or two times more. Each time, the dick seemed to invade only when I had mostly underleveled gear. In fact, I am only writing this because I just rage-aborted a mission where he invaded me while I had 2 unranked weapons and one at level 10. Yeah, not happening Wolfmeister.

The first time I encountered the Wolf was the ONLY time I ever had all maxed gear. I managed to kill him and got diddly squat. I don't even remember what it was it was so bad. It also took me upwards of 30 minutes just shooting. Half an hour of the pew-pew. For NOTHING that was worth the time.


He is just too tanky. Period. I would run a heavy radiation build except that there is no way to get him to spawn on your terms. You can't drawn him out, so you can't reasonably prepare for him. The Stalker works (before you can kill him by farting in his general direction) because he was tough but doable. The Wolf is just a wall of health with no possibility for strategy. The fight is just dogde -> shoot -> repeat, and I hate it.

I will acknowledge one thing right away: I mostly play alone. I understand that Wolfie boi is probably meant for more than one, so I am willing to forgive some issues I have for that. That being said, I have solo'ed 100% of the rest of what I have played before. Not one of them felt like a huge drag. I've soloed 2 of the 3 Eidolons, I solo'ed Orb Mother, why the hell can't I solo the Wolf in under half an hour? Given that, I don't know, he actually showed up when I had gear that had a chance.

Just a bit of a vent post here. I do think the Wolf is flawed and needs to change if his presence will be ongoing in Nightwave. I don't want to get rid of him, but there needs to be a balance in between mindlessly shooting a roaring brick for 45 minutes and flicking your pinky to kill the boss. There has to be an in between.

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