Preview of all three Vox Solaris Amps

Warframe7 - Preview of all three Vox Solaris Amps

This thread is to help players get informed on how the amps look and perform with the gifs. Hopefully this helps with the choice of finding one combo that you'd like to build whether it'd be for the fun factor or min-maxing.

The Lega Prism is a flamethrower-like firing amp. Very fun against infested in particularly. Doesn't do too well against Grineer and Corpus, but Robotics don't do fair against the Lega Prism. Virtuous Fury is what I used in the Gif.

The Dissic Scaffold for this one was in both visually and performance great.

Not really great for Eidolon hunting.
Parts in Gif –

Lega Prism – Dissic Scaffold – Lohrin Brace

Gif of it in Action:

Lega Prism/ Dissic Scaffold Gif

The Cantic Prism is great against the Eidolon, not the best, but it's viable for those who want to use their operator for long distance snipes, up to 100m in range with this prism. Recommend using the Virtuous Shadow. The Prism was tested using Unairu Wisps, and Volt's shield along with the Virtuous Shadow and it would take out the Teralyst's shield enough to leave them with roughly ~30% shields left before needing to refill with a max pool of 130.

As for the Exard Scaffold on this one, it was like the Pandero's Alt fire but in amp mode. Once activated it would keep firing until you ran out of energy. The recoil on the scaffold made it a bit difficult to amp at enemies past ~20m. So far my least favorite scaffold out of all the amps.

Parts in Gif –

Cantic Prism – Exard Prism – Lohrin Brace


Gif of it in Action:

Cantic Prism/ Exard Prism

The Klamora Prism is the best one visually so far. It looks like a Jet Engine from the sides. Thing to note about this amp, it will chew your energy really fast. A little too fast, but if you were spitting out that much void energy it's understandable why you'd run out quick.

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The Propa Scaffold was an odd one to use, definitely did well when spammed in a group. Best used when you know where the enemy will be moving in the next ~3 seconds.

Parts in Gif –

Klamora Prism – Propa Scaffold – Certus Brace

Gif of it in Action:

Klamora Prism/ Propa Scaffold

For those who are interested in some numbers,

Prism Range

  • Klamora Prism – 13m Range
  • Lega Prism – 28m Range
  • Cantic Prism – 100m Range

Scaffold Explosion Radius

  • Propa Scaffold – 13m Radius
  • Dissic Scaffold – 10m Radius
  • Exard Scaffold – 5m Radius

If anything feel free to ask, I do plan on testing these amps against the Teralyst solo to see how long it'd take to take down the shields and time the runs. If I don't get lazy that is.. I'll just get lazy. Yep..

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