Public Test Cluster: Opt-In Key Lottery #3

Warframe10 - Public Test Cluster: Opt-In Key Lottery #3

Link to forum thread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1235127-public-test-cluster-opt-in-key-lottery-3/

Greetings Tenno!

The time has come for another Semi-Public Test Cluster weekend, this time for Deimos Arcana. Please read the thread in full before replying!

  1. We will be using Steam Keys to access "Warframe Test" – make sure you have a Steam account!
  2. We will be running all surveys and posts in English – you must understand English to participate.
  3. Despite our best efforts, console accounts cannot be copied to our PC test server, so only PC Warframe accounts will be chosen to participate – sorry!
  4. We will be asking for targeted feedback specific to the Deimos Arcana update. All players will be given details prior to launch, not just the Test Key holders. Expect a public Dev Workshop in the coming days.
  5. Posting here does not guarantee entry – it will be randomized. We are using the forums because we want to ensure potential participants know how to use our forums and have a base understanding covered in this post.
  6. If this all sounds good to you – simply reply in this Warframe forum thread with "There is so much to be done here on Deimos" to be entered. We will be sending out about 1000 new Steam Keys for this weekend. We will be picking accounts randomly from this reply set. Accounts picked that have numerous warnings, reports, or restrictions against them will be removed from the lottery and have their Key given to another random pick.

Furthermore, as we continue expanding the number of players invited to Public Test weekends, we have run into an unfortunate restriction. The more people we give Test access to, the more stress it puts on our firewall, limiting the total number of Tenno we can include at one time. All those that have gained Test access before will have access again this time, but going forward into future playtests, we will have to cull the list of invitees. For now, we have one simple rule: If you login to Test during a Public Test weekend, you will still have access next time a Test takes place. If you do NOT login during a Public Test weekend, your Warframe Test access will be revoked, to make room for new players in the future.


All those who can participate in weekend testing will receive an inbox message in Warframe during the week. Those removed will no longer have Warframe Test in their Steam libraries. We retain the right to offer permanent spots to proven contributors or other trusted players.

We apologize for this new “use it or lose it” rule, but this is our best option for granting access to new players based on the limited number of Steam keys we have access to.


Good luck, and see you in the Drift!

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