QOL: Can we please have “always sprint” as a toggle in settings?

Warframe3 - QOL: Can we please have "always sprint" as a toggle in settings?

Allow me to have a setting to toggle always sprint for all frames.

If anyone disagrees they can simply not toggle it on.

In this game about overpowered hyper-agile space ninjas clinging to walls ten meters above enemies' heads whilst raining down multiple headshots to unlock a secret mysterious work's true weapon power – I am forced to casually saunter through every mission.

Unless I press a button at the start of the mission.

When I asked in my clan chat why in 2019 always sprint was not present in the game, I was told by many that it had been brought up with DE before and been decried by the player community. However, sprinting (or pushing a button at the beginning of a mission) no longer impedes any movement whatsoever.. other than making you reach the objective more quickly! It is simply the ground based default movement speed you should be attaining.

To bolster my argument, I submit that we used to have to pop into and out of operator form before any of the associated Focus school buffs would apply. This made sense for Zenurik, but not for things like Madurai (et al). As far as I know this was changed because.. it didn't make sense and was an unnecessary hassle to players.

Read (or skim) also this lengthy post about quality of life improvements that were requested, and largely implemented:

This list of suggestions is from four years ago.

Things that this post mentioned that have been implemented:

  • Archwing keybinding divorced from normal movement keybinding – done!
  • "Patch notes need to be more informative" – we have an embarrassment of riches here
  • Controller Support improved – vastly
  • Add a way to track current remaining daily rep available for Simaris (and access Simulacrum, Mastery Rank training, and maybe even purchase things from him) – done in spades
  • AFK Detection – way better
  • Mission UI — Add a way to check ally Energy values – Done!
  • Add a "quick fire" option when melee is equipped that can fire your previously selected weapon (or just secondary, whatever) – so much better than anyone could have hoped for, it's fluid as hell!
  • Add a "block" feature innately to sprinting that will mitigate damage – done with melee 2.9, and done well
  • Add a way to set a waypoint at your current location (absolutely a must have before any Archwing Trial launches, still useful for general gameplay). – again, aced
  • Add an innate loot vacuum to players, regardless of Sentinel or Kubrow, of about 5-8M. Just enough to slightly go through walls, but not quite the same strength as the Carrier pickup. – Fetch
  • Arsenal in the Relay. – done – allows you to switch frames WRT whether maroo gives you a void or derelict mission.
  • Shortcut navigation to Darvo or Simaris (or both!) in the Relay. – Excellent

I, and I hope the community, understand that development takes time, and that DE has always attempted to work with its community, even when development is at odds with what the community may want. I also understand that four years is an exceptionally long time for a game developer, and roundly applaud you guys for implementing all of these things that made both the game and community better. You're working on railjack which is also obviously very intensive.

Sometimes what the community wants may be simply beyond the technical or workload/time constraint abilities of DE. But having an always sprint toggle seems pretty simple.

Allow "mosey" to be the the button-push alternative to actually moving as quickly as you are supposed to toward the things that you are supposed to be accomplishing by design.

Please allow me to always sprint in my space iron-man suit that allows me to infect people 100 meters away with extraterrestrial toxins or launches a snot-rocket which pulls all foes in and allows me to use my virulence to stab them to death. Or uses E1M1 as my DJ space-suit to allow my friends to become invisible and my enemies to pummel themselves to death the the thumping beats and addictive basslines of Robert Prince.

Let me run!

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