Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)

Warframe13 - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)

Here's the next quarter's installment for WF Promo Codes. Feel free to comment if I miss anything or need to flip a code being up/down. I try but do occasionally miss things. 🙂

Unless otherwise stated assume these are PC status. Consoles have been getting better about following shortly or at the same time, but it sometimes takes a delay before the update.

promocode - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)

BE AWARE spamming invalid codes (estimated limit is 15/day) can get you a temporarily IP banned.

Promo Code Confirmation Status Contents
ADMIRALBAHROO Up 2019.05.08 7hQ2ozx - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)Glyph
BRICKY Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
BROZIME Up 2019.05.08
BURNBXX Up 2019.05.08 qldzPDI - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)Glyph
BWANA Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
CHAR Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
COHHCARNAGE Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
DEEJAYKNIGHT Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
DIMITRIV2 Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
DJTECHLIVE Up 2019.05.08
DKDIAMANTES Up 2019.05.08 ehJeEwo - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)Glyph replaced Glyph
FROZENBALLZ Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
GRINDHARDSQUAD Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
HOMIINVOCADO Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
IFLYNN Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
INEXPENSIVEGAMER Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
JOEYZERO Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
LILLEXI Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
LYNXARIA Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
MAKARIMORPH Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
MCGAMERCZ Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
MCIK Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
MIKETHEBARD Up 2019.05.08 Glyph code replaced TVSBOH
MOGAMU Up 2019.05.08 Glyph replaced Glyph
N00BLSHOWTEK Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
PROFESSORBROMAN Up 2019.05.08 Glyph

Up 2019.05.08 iwaSTp8 - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)Glyph
SHUL Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
SKILLUP Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
STRIPPIN Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
TEAWREX Up 2019.05.08 XbZftwd - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)Glyph
TOTALN3WB Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
TRIBUROS Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
UNREALYUKI Up 2019.05.08 Glyph
WANDERBOTS Up 2019.05.08 Glyph

Shoutout and thanks to /u/AureusVulpes292 for the most recent reset of valid codes.


The following are unavailable at this time. Some of these are permanently retired; others can cycle back on through some weird, unknown schedule.

Promo Code Confirmation Status Contents
BIKEMAN Down 2019.01.19 Glyph
EARSON Down 2018.11.24 Fortuna Cache Code
FALSEPROFIT Down 2019.01.21 OT5Mefe - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)
Nef Anyo Glyph, Fortuna 2.0 Video
FN68-8RML-MLH6-GM2N Down 2018.02.16 Plains of Eidolon release, Vectis weapon & Tekelu skin
FREESWORD Down 2019.01.17 Heat Sword w/ Catalyst, Weapon slot, 5k credits
GUARDIANCON2018 Down 2018.07.21 www.guardiancon - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)GuardianCon, Glyph
KINGGOTHALION Down 2019.01.07 Glyph
LABOROFLOVE Down 2019.01.07
OLDFRIEND Down 2018.07.21 Sacrifice Quest release, Prime Tea Set decoration, Booster
PCGAMINGSHOW2016 Down 2018.11.24 Dark Split Sword Dulus Skin
PSIV Down 2018.07.11 PS4 Release, special color pallette
QUIETTESHY Down 2018.07.11 PDaY7g8 - Quarterly Warframe Promo Codes (May thru August 2019)Glyph
SOLARISUNITED Down 2019.02.01 Fortuna ARG Sigil
SPACENINJA Down 2018.07.11 One-time use 20% platinum discount, in-game only?
SP00NERISM Down 2019.01.19 Glyph
SUMMIT1G Down 2019.01.19 Glyph
TENNOSKOOM Down 2018.07.11 Eagle Mod Pack
TERMINALBIGFLIP Down 2019.01.07 Fortuna K-Drive Scrawl
THEDEADHAVEDEBTS Down 2019.05.08 Glyph
TVSBOH Down 2019.03.26 see MIKETHEBARD
TWOGRAKATA Down 2018.07.11 Booster(s)
VOIDCRYSTAL Down 2018.07.11 Booster(s)
WARFRAME Down 2018.07.05 Booster(s)
WARWITHIN Down 2018.07.11 The War Within Quest release,
Grineer Queens Glyph

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