[Questionnaire Results] How do you feel about Riven Mods?

Warframe3 - [Questionnaire Results] How do you feel about Riven Mods?

Hi Tenno!

A few days ago, I made a post​​​​​​​ where I asked for your opinions on Riven mods. I excpected a few dozen answers at most, but I ended up getting 327! Because of that, I want to thank everyone that filled in the questionnaire. As promised, here are the results from that questionnaire. I'll show you some graphs and I'll tell you what I think they mean. I don't have a lot of experience with collecting and analyzing data, so there is a chance I might miss something or draw a wrong conclusion.

5RoAkJS - [Questionnaire Results] How do you feel about Riven Mods?

J7U8z2K - [Questionnaire Results] How do you feel about Riven Mods?

These graphs show that the vast majority of answers answers came from PC players and players that were MR 23 or higher. That means this sample is likely not representative of the community as a whole, since this isn't a realistic ratio between categories. Because of that, every conclusion you can draw from these graphs should be taken with a grain of salt.

I think the type of person that answered the questionnaire is relatively one-sided because I posted the questionnaire on the Warframe Forum and Subreddit, which are mostly used by more experienced and less casual players. It was also filled in a lot more by Pc players, though I don't know how much of it was because of the websites, and how much was because of the actual size difference in each platform's playerbase. I didn't include an option for Mastery Ranks below 8, because that's the minimum MR required to use any Rivens.

c4yHVOa - [Questionnaire Results] How do you feel about Riven Mods?

The amount of people that often or always use Rivens is larger than the group of people that almost never or never use Rivens. From this, you can conclude that Rivens are pretty popular and that, more often than not, people use Rivens on their weapons.

4UqNCcj - [Questionnaire Results] How do you feel about Riven Mods?

The enjoyment of Rivens is relatively even across the board, far more even than the usage. To me, this is a bit strange, since that could mean that there is a disconnect between how much players use Rivens, and how much they enjoy using them. I expected these graphs to be relatively similar.


There is a large group (almost 25%) that doesn't like using Rivens at all. Meanwhile, there is only a group of 10,5% that actually doesn't use Rivens. That would mean that almost 15% of people said they don't like using Rivens, but do use them at least every now and then.

MSgrLHt - [Questionnaire Results] How do you feel about Riven Mods?

In this graph, you can see that the general opinion on balance is split relatively evenly, but slightly weighted to negative. The difference is especially noticable when comparing the amount of people that entered a 1 or a 10. From this, you can also conclude that while people might like using Rivens, that doesn't necessarily mean that they think Rivens have a positive impact on balance.

xkIhFRV - [Questionnaire Results] How do you feel about Riven Mods?

One of the questions asked participants to briefly summarize their opinion on Rivens. I've put all of those answers into a word cloud to get a better idea of what is important. I've removed a few of the most popular words that don't mean anything without context like 'weapon', 'make', or 'game'. Of course, keep in mind that the rest of the words are also without context, but it does show some concepts and topics that came up often, so it's safe to assume people think they're important.

(Complete List of Graphs)

So, that's what I think about this data. Let me know what you think about it.

I might do more stuff like this in the future if you guys are interested in that. Of course, feedback and a different perspective is always welcome! Again, thanks to everyone that filled in the questionnaire.

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