Quick Warframe/Archwing leveling 0-30 in less than 5 minutes solo

Warframe4 - Quick Warframe/Archwing leveling 0-30 in less than 5 minutes solo

EDIT: Video at the bottom with a bit of info

Hey guys, so this method is very easy and involves using the exploiter orb coolant spiders, all you need is a hard hitting long range weapon eg. Rubico Prime/Lanka and ideally a smeeta kavat just in case you get that sweet Affinity buff which cuts down even more time.

Head to Orb Vallis and immediately head to Temple of Profit, the exploiter orb always spawns at the exact same spot every time and moves the exact same path, if you head there immediately it will always be behind the Temple in the snow.

What you want to do is head to the top of any of the mountains around the temple and shoot ONE coolant spider while crouching to get a stealth kill affinity bonus, if you shoot another straight away you will lose the bonus as the rest of the spiders will be alerted, which lasts roughly 20-30 seconds.

In the mean time, the snow area is full of patrols of 3 random corpus units, find one and again stealth kill to refresh your affinity buff and stack it again, make sure you notice if you alert the others in the patrol or not, killing an alerted unit will remove your stealth buff, however if you don't alert them you can continue stacking your buff off these patrols and every 20-25 seconds kill a coolant spider.

Simply rinse and repeat killing a spider, killing a patrol member, spider etc until you're level 30, which takes no time at all (I've had runs where it takes 3 minutes to level a frame 0-30 if I get lucky with a smeeta buff). This works for all warframes and all archwings

I will be uploading a video later with a run to show how quick and easy it is however my internet is garbage (AUS yay) so it may take a while. In the mean time here is a short clip showing the potential affinity gains, it is truly insane for how short a time it takes.


Using this method I've done about 20 forma on my frames and it took a little over an hour, which compared to any other solo method is insanely fast.

I know some people probably already knew this as it's quite obvious but I hope it at least helps a few people out for those easy MR points/Forma.


So in this run nearly everything is bad, I was alt tabbed in the Fortuna lift for about 2-3 minutes so the spawn syncs are all out and the spider has moved to just about the worst spot to do this. I get basically no patrols and only rely on killing spiders and don't get a smeeta affinity buff and even then it still takes roughly 3 minutes to max out. You'll notice that sometimes I don't shoot things straight away or at all, this is because I'm checking to see if they are alerted or not as if I shoot them I'll lose my stack, you get pretty quick at telling the AI movements/behaviors in alerted status.

I will upload the exact opposite of this, one of my runs where I had the smeeta buff the entire time, never dropped the stacks and had constant patrols and it took me 1 minute 50 seconds to max out, later on tonight as that video took 1 and a half hours to upload and I actually want to play the game for a bit. Australian internet really is garbage.

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