RAIL JACK ETIQUETTE: How to not be a shit player.

Warframe6 - RAIL JACK ETIQUETTE: How to not be a shit player.

I think there was another post about this that fizzled away, but here it is, all the shit you should and should not do. Please feel free to add thoughts below, and I'll edit this OP unless I think you're wrong.

By the way, I'm not writing this out of spite. People are legit confused about everything when they start playing railjack, and I'm tired of watching angry pilots yell at their crew for doing things they didn't even know they were doing wrong.


  • Learn to look at and use your tactical screen, it's incredibly useful.
  • Be careful with using munitions and flux energy. If you aren't very experienced with Railjack and you aren't sure if it's a good idea to use it or not, maybe let others with more experience decide.
  • Killing enemy units as quickly as possible is the most important task, keeping the ship from blowing up is the second most important task. If you're doing something that doesn't contribute to either of those goals you should consider weather it's worth it.
  • Communicate with other people and occasionally check the squad chat.
  • Try to fill roles that match your intrinsics.


  • I can pilot my ship if I want, it's my ship. If I don't want to pilot, I will ask someone to pilot instead, and I won't get out of the pilot seat until I can see that someone is standing next to me ready to take over.
  • I won't put shitty guns on the side turrets and keep my amazing guns for the pilot. A good gunner with a high intrinsic will always be better at shooting than the pilot.
  • If I have some special ability that makes it trivial for people to use the side turrets (Like void hole, for instance) I should probably let my crew know that they shouldn't bother shooting and should go murder crew ships instead.
  • I will use my tactical screen to check on what people are doing if I become concerned about the progress of the mission. I will use the requests in the tactical screen to tell them what I want them to do before I start abusing them via squad chat.
  • I won't stop piloting without a good reason.
  • I will not yell at the gunners for not doing enough damage if I'm drifting and janking all over the map.
  • I will tell people if I want them to avoid repairing the ship until it's ready to explode.
  • If someone has left the ship to go work on an asteroid base, and there are things on the outside that need to be blown up, AND I've already cleared all the flying units, maybe I should consider going to help them out by blowing up the stuff on the outside of the asteroid base.
  • I will tell people if I don't want them to fire missiles at particularly hard to kill enemy units, because otherwise they should be doing that.
  • If Cy tells me that someone is in the archwing slingshot, I will try not to jerk the ship around like a hamster on meth and make it impossible for them to lock onto a target. Same goes for if someone is firing the artillery cannon.
  • I will not park the railjack close enough to an asteroid base or other point of interest that I'm constantly getting ramsleds launched at me.
  • I will ask if people want to spend time gathering resources before I take off for my next destination. If you don't tell me you want to stay or go, I'm going to do what i want.
  • I will go check resources and refine or build more as necessary before departing, since it's my ship and I'm the one who is paying for this stuff. If the engineer already did it, awesome.
  • If I'm out of pustrels and revolite at the end of a mission, I will return to the dry dock instead of heading on to another destination and trapping myself and all souls aboard in a suicide mission.
  • I'll never hassle someone to do things faster when there's no real reason to other than a desire to finish the mission faster.
  • After the mission is over, I will make sure to refill the four sections of my payload, so that I don't head out on another mission with nothing.
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  • At the beginning of the mission, state your intrinsic ranks (5/5/7/5 or some such) this will make it incredibly easy to take a role you are well suited to.
  • Get on the guns or tell everyone that you're going to be the engineer.
  • Stay on the guns unless you have a good reason to get off them (see next item).
  • If you aren't occupied with piloting the ship or fixing a hull rupture and there is a crew ship on the map, you should be going to blow up it's reactor. This is even more important that shooting fighters. Some railjacks have special abilities that can destroy huge numbers of fighters at once, and in these cases going out and killing those crew ships is the major useful thing you can be doing.
  • Give the engineer some time to get on repairing things and killing boarders before you stop shooting at fighters. Shooting at fighters is more important than helping the engineer.
  • Don't fire the artillery cannon without asking the pilot, ESPECIALLY if your engineering isn't high enough to make more dome charges.
  • Don't use railjack abilities that cost flux energy without asking the pilot.
  • If you have a high piloting intrinsic, ask if you can pilot, don't wait for the pilot to leave for a few seconds and ninja the console.
  • Ask the pilot if they want you to avoid repairing things until the ship explodes before you start repairing stuff. Some pilots want you to avoid using resources for that.
  • Use munitions to take out hard to kill targets like minelayers. Try not to use them frivolously, but they are needed to kill some things quickly.
  • If the ship is boarded and you're not flying the ship go kill the boarders before they put a bomb on the ship or kill the pilot.
  • If you are planning to leave the ship make sure that you aren't the only person besides the pilot who is still on the ship. (unless there are only two people in the mission in the first place, of course)
  • Make sure that there is enough revolite to patch the hull before you use resources to make anything else.
  • Don't refine until everything is dead.
  • Learn to use your tactical screen to warp around the ship.
  • Don't replenish resources in the engineering section unless you really think it's necessary. If you've blown up all the crew ships and only need to kill 3 more fighters, do you really need more flux energy?
  • Consider weather you're the person who should be refining. A high engineering intrinsic will yield better rewards for everyone.
  • If someone has been acting as the engineer, let them be the one to do the engineering.
  • If you're the engineer, focus on making more consumables during the mission, and don't worry about refining until the end. Ask the pilot if they need you to replenish things at the end of the mission before you refine: they may be planning to go to another node instead of back to the drydock, and need more stuff.
  • Use tactical avionics in the tactical screen if they pertain to the role you're filling on the ship. For example, if you're the engineer, check to see if the ship has fire suppression or battle forge. If tactical avionics don't apply to your role, don't worry about them.
  • If you want to attract the pilot's attention, say something in squad chat. Do not stand behind their console and emote at them or shoot your primary weapon, or loiter around. Not only will they have no idea what you're trying to communicate, but in many instances they won't even be able to see that you are there.
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FLYBOYS (archwing use and away missions)

  • If you aren't using Amesha get ready to die.
  • Use the archwing slingshot if you possibly can. You can't be killed while you're being yeeted across the map.
  • Use your Omni to warp back to the ship before leaving a crewship so you won't be killed the instant you return to archwing.
  • Don't exit the ship and start flying around trying to kill fighters the instant the mission starts. Not only will you die, but you're wasting everyone's time: only very low level railjacks have guns that are worse than your archwing guns.
  • Many avionics provide a boost to archwings that are close to the railjack. If you fly next to the railjack nacelles you will stick to it and automatically follow it. So if you really have absolutely nothing better to do, and you want to go shoot things in your archwing, that's the way you should be doing it. But really, you probably shouldn't be doing it in the first place so get back on the ship or go kill a crewship.
  • Launching yourself off the rail jack using the slingshot is the best way to kill crew ships. In low level missions you can use the artillery cannon but it becomes less and less effective the higher level the mission is.
  • Carefully consider the actual utility of capturing crewships. In most cases it's better to just blow them up and get on with the mission.
  • If you're doing an away mission and you are having trouble, it's okay to ask for help. Most of the time these get done late when most of the other enemies have been mopped up and someone will be happy to come murder things with you.
  • Don't jump out of the ship and fly all the way across the map to get to a point of interest the instant the mission starts, unless the POI is creating some effect that makes the mission harder. It's going to take you a thousand years to get to the POI, and you're not helping at all with the mission by doing that objective earlier. Remember what I said in the beginning? If you aren't killing flying units as fast as possible or fixing the ship, what you're doing is less important.
  • If you get killed four times and you're floating in space dead, and you're the host, take your punishment like a man and don't abort the mission. You'll destroy everything with your host migration. If you aren't the host them abort the mission right away. Your corpse is taking up a slot that a living crew member could be occupying.

That's all I've got for now. Think I'm wrong? Think I missed something important? Post it below.

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