Railjack Feedback in light of Devstream 153

Warframe11 - Railjack Feedback in light of Devstream 153

They talked around a few issues, but didn't really get into the core what what I've been seeing in these threads about what actually feels bad. Things that I'm really worried that they are going to be hard stuck on and not change.

Affinity: Leeches Win (Again)

  • Pilot is robbed for generating affinity
    • Affinity gain from your kills while using the Railjack are sent 100% to the Plexus — this seems inconsistent with Scott's explanation because usually the split is 50% weapon 50% warframe
    • Affinity gain from other player kills while you are using the Railjack are split 25% warframe and 75% Plexus
    • Affinity gain from leeching and AFKing on railjack is split 25% warframe and 75% all weapons equipped — the Plexus is included in that 75% split
    • Affinity gain for companions is 0 if you kill while using the Railjack, 100% if you are leeching
  • Objectives providing affinity is a great improvement (finally, crewships give affinity!), though underwhelming for time spent in the overall mission
    • A Grineer Veil Proxima mission has 6 crew ships which generate 5k radial affinity each for a whopping 30k per mission. Plus a bit more from the 'Priority Target(s)' objective completion
  • Players no longer have a reasonable option for leveling companions / amps. Leeching is once again the best and only real option

I won't try to make the argument that things should be back to pre-update Gian Point levels of fast. I wish that were the case, and I took full advantage of it while it was around, but if it's the intention is to rebalance and slow things back down they really should try to fix this leeching problem. Preferably in a way that benefits all players rather than further divorcing affinity gains from railjack. It felt like an earned convenience before. Now it just feels… bad.

I strongly think that the Plexus should NOT be assigned to the weapon category for generating affinity. I strongly think that some affinity from player kills on fighters should be treated as radial affinity generated for all crew equally, not different based on if you're in a chair or not.

Tugboat Only Gameplay

  • The Railjack component of Corpus Proxima feels like a prelude to an actual mission. It's not as bad as the Scarlet Spear which was really just a tugboat to get from A to B, but still doesn't really feel great
    • Scott's explanation on AI limits made sense in terms of why they couldn't have the simultaneous gameplay, but doesn't really offer much insight as to why they chose to go this route knowing that limitation was at play
    • Could be required for the upcoming relic cracking content? Do your prelude then play what's effectively a normal relic mission?
    • This didn't seem to be an issue with Sentient Anomaly missions. You could have an away team on both priority objectives already and now a third away team doing the sentient objective while the pilot does all the core Railjack requirements. It's not that I don't trust Scott, it's that I've seen the game already handle this scenario without any problems.
  • There isn't much going on for home/away teams
    • This is kind of a good thing as far as solo play is concerned because it means you can still manage to do things on your own
    • This is kind of a good thing as far as pugging goes because you're less reliant on other players being useful (i.e. you can still carry the mission by yourself if you have to)
    • There's a very low skill ceiling in terms of optimizing gameplay. It's pretty much just drop off people at the loot cave, objective #1, and if there is an objective #2. All the side objectives are basically "get to the terminal to start the thing then get back"
  • While definitely a bit spicier, I was able to complete Pluto/Veil Proxima missions with the stock hull we got in the update before throwing in the Lavan Plating MK III. Our Railjacks play such a small role in the overall mission that it didn't really matter that a hull breach was happening every 30 seconds (with a crew to infinitely repair at least).

I feel like there is a lot of breakage in the design when it comes to accommodating solo and group play.

For group: Both the Grineer and Corpus missions basically feel like you're splitting between

For solo: There's only so many split objectives you can put on the ship before solo play just feels unmanageable. If it became more of a mini-game of microing your crew vs coordinating with players, I'm not sure that would even be better. Sending them to do away team objectives while you manage the ship, or they manage the home team objectives while you do away team tasks. Would be neat if the Pilot crew could at least do something about the reactors being opened on Grineer missions.


Playing On Public

  • On average, the AI crew outperforms randomly grouped players dramatically (except for the Pilot… that one just… yeah…)
    • Crew has good aim on guns, infinite revolite on repairs, you can give them proper weapons to deal with boarding parties with ease as well
    • Coordinated play with a premade group is a "time-saving" benefit: Splitting boarding objectives between multiple away teams while the pilot does everything else until they're done
  • Players joining have a high incentive to just leech and remove what could have been a useful crew member from your railjack
    • Players joining also render your entire line of Command Intrinsics completely useless on a Railjack mission. If you could keep at least 1 crew member it would still have some use
    • The requirement to have just one intrinsic line to 7 makes higher level missions much more accessible to players, but probably isn't enough time for them to learn how to actually play this game mode or to fill a needed role in pugging
    • There's no way to adjust your Plexus on the fly to fulfill a necessary role. You can't join as an "Away Team" or "Engineer" or "Gunner" – you just hotjoin and run with what you've got with who you got
  • "My ship is the best ship"
    • Players who have invested a lot of time into getting the best components for their Railjack may not be too happy about joining a public match with someone who is still using MK I components in the Veil
    • It has been a long-time requested feature to allow players to toggle the ability to never host because they know their specs (hardware or internet) cannot service clients well enough
    • Being able to always host has been a long-time requested feature as well. Warframe's "ping limit" on joining a session is infamously unreliable (anecdotal: Just before writing this, with my ping limit set to <100, I joined a host which was constantly between 200-800)

I've become much more hesitant playing on public now than before. The repair crew is just so reliable and great if there's ever a need for it and the gunners are solid for dealing damage. It was really annoying dealing with pugs who spam your Flux before the update, but I'm not sure it's any better now that it hard limits your choice for a viable warframe to put on the chair. The buff to the weapons feels pretty alright, too. Having less dome charges feels pretty bad, too. The much lower Revolite pool can make breaches + other damage much scarier to deal with, but that problem goes away with your first hired Engineer. Aside from some very organized play to split 3 objectives with, I think the max number of other players I'd even want in a run would be Host+2.

Ordnance being per-player feels great though :V

Personal take on the matter:

My biggest concern with this update was that they were trying to "fix" the content island problem and instead just made it a different kind of island. I got everything I need out of Railjack and now I see no reason to ever go back to it. At least, unless the game forces me to use it (like in the upcoming quest) and then it's just going be an afterthought again. I got the new mods, the new stance. I got the new mastery fodder Penta and new Nautilus sentinel (looks cool, but I don't see a use for it). I maxed out 2x of all the new Zetki weapons, got a max rank of all the platings, maxed out the new Zetki reactor as well. Maxed out all intrinsics with 512 spare for Command 10 when that finally happens. Corpus crewships are obnoxious to try and farm so I won't be actively trying for 2x max of all Lavan/Vidar copies of the new weapons. That's it. I'm done. Endo gain is meh, Affinity gain is gone, gameplay loop feels more tedious, pugging feels worse for me. The most engagement I'm going to have with this content now is checking on Ticker every once in a while to hopefully get an ideal 10-stat roll on a character and/or from the faction I want. I'll help out friends or newcomers who still need progression, but I have no personal motivation to go back. Maybe Void Storms will be the call to action it needs?

DE picks some really weird hills to die on sometimes. I really don't want Railjack Revisited to end up like the Univac discussions. I think the Affinity leeching problem is just a massive problem throughout the entire game and that system could stand some shaking up in general.

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