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I don't know about you but I sometimes struggle to find a group for Relic runs due to the chat going too quickly or just not finding enough people doing a specific relic run. I was searching for some apps or sites that allow for players to search squads but to my surprise I didn't find any. Because the concept of name based matchmaking specifically for Relic runs seems pretty simple to me, I've decided to give it a shot.

I created a very simple site that allows for people to search for squads for relic runs.

Now before I describe the site, please be mindful that this is very much like an alpha version of the site there's basically no stylingand there might be some bugs (even though I think I found them all), it's all about the core funcionality.


How does the site work?

All you need to do is input your in-game name, relic and refinment. You can also check if you're willing to be the host or not. Then you just press the "Start Search" button.


After that, the site will start searching for other players with the same relic and refinment values. As soon as there are 4 players searching, the site will notify them that they have found a squad. If no1 chcked the "I'm willing to host" then the squad leader will be chosen randomly.



The leader of the Squad will be notified of all his squad member's names, meanwhile all the other members will be notified of the leader's name, aswell of the other squad member's names. And that's basically it. From this point on the leader can just invite the players to his squad in Warframe and the run can begin.
One more feature I added is the ability to search for the history of matched squads.


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So let's say you form a squad and you close the window but after that the squad falls apart due to migration, or DC or any other problem. You can just use your name (or any other name atm) to search the history of macthed squads.

Like I said, this is a early prototype of the site (even though it should function) and I know there many more features to add, styles to update and so on. I'm creating this post in order to find out, if the community would want something like this and if there is any point in developing it further.

Thank you for your time

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