Resource drop chance booster doesn’t work on Steel Essence?

Warframe1 - Resource drop chance booster doesn't work on Steel Essence?

I was wondering why I was not getting the boost I expected from both boosters. So I decided to do a couple of test runs without a smeeta to skew the results and without any boosters. Since eximus rates cap at 60 minutes it takes a long time to get enough good data. I don't have the patience to do tens of 2 hour runs. So any further claims I make are based on the small number of runs that I have done and I am not claiming them to be conclusive.

Duration (min)KillsKPMDC BoostPilfering DomeVitus hr 1Vitus hr 2Vitus totSliver totOberon totapprox #eximusVitus ChanceSliver ChanceTheoretical # eximusVitus ChanceSliver Chance

Firstly, to find how many eximus I have killed I used the known drop rate of oberon parts (1%). From this very rough approximation I can divide the number of essence I got by the approx number of eximus which should give the Steel essence drop rate. This is kinda volatile though, so another way is to make an approximation based on what
unknown - Resource drop chance booster doesn't work on Steel Essence?

DE has said about eximus spawn rates. If we assume a constant kill rate and a linear % increase for eximus to spawn up to 60 min, you get the theoretical # of eximus shown on the right columns.

From the results I have gotten above,
unknown - Resource drop chance booster doesn't work on Steel Essence?

the 2% drop chance stated by Rebecca seems to be the chance for Steel Essence OR a Riven Sliver to drop. So, It looks like Steel Essence may be 1.5% chance and Riven Sliver may be 0.5% chance for a combined 2% chance. Anyways, this isn't really the point of the post. The point is the DC booster does not work on essence.

As you can see in the table above, Drop chance booster seems to have no effect on Steel Essence drop rates. You can also see that Pilfering Strangledome does not increase the drops which may indicate that other loot frames do not work either.

Now, I can understand why loot frames do not work on the drops. But why does the Resource Drop Chance booster not work? From a purely semantics perspective, in the patch notes
QVc8NsB - Resource drop chance booster doesn't work on Steel Essence?

Steel Essence is called a resource. Furthermore, the Resource Booster does in fact boost Steel Essence. So it is technically considered a resource.

From another perspective, people are paying for boosters with the reasonable expectation that they are going to work on the Steel Essence resource. There is nothing in game, or in any released developer posts that would indicate the opposite. In fact, DC boosters even work for Vitus essence.

If DC boosters were decided not to work because of the innate DC booster, still why? It is a completely new resource and they could have set the drop chance to be 0.75% chance, doubled to 1.5% chance with the innate booster.

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