Revenant players deserve some Cosmetics. Here is a comparison with all Warframes who came after him

Warframe11 - Revenant players deserve some Cosmetics. Here is a comparison with all Warframes who came after him

As for today, Revenant counts with 1x Alt Helmet (from launch) and 1x Tennogen Helmet, that's it. He came out 24/08/2018, 2 years ago.

Since then the Warframes we got were, in this order:

  • Garuda: 1x Alt Helmet; 2x Tennogen Helmets; 2x Tennogen Skins; 1x Deluxe Skin.
  • Baruuk: 1x Alt Helmet; 1x Tennogen Skin; has a bundle which includes a matching Kubrow Skin, Syandana and Unique Decoration.
  • Hildryn: 1x Alt Helmet; 1x Tennogen Skin.
  • Wisp: 1x Alt Helmet; 1x Tennogen Helmet; 2x Tennogen Skins.
  • Gauss: 1x Alt Helmet; 2x Tennogen Skins.
  • Grendel: 1x Alt Helmet.
  • Protea: 2x Alt Helmets.
  • Xaku: 1x Alt Helmet.
  • Lavos: 1x Alt Helmet.

I wanna point out that ALL of these Warframes (except Wisp) came out with their own Syandana. Only thing going for Revenant is his own Armor Set (which is one of the best in the game), but I didn't include these items because they can be equipped on any Warframe.

It baffles me, because Revenant was designed by Rebecca Ford, you know… The Lotus, main face of Digital Extremes and director of the Community Team (one of, if not THE best Community Management Team in VideoGame history). Yet her Warframe is one of the most forgotten, both in a Cosmetics Conent and a Mechanical aspect.

I do know why this is the case though: Revenant is at the bottom of the Usage Percentage Graph (right there with Hydroid, Banshee and Zephyr), and being Warframe a F2P game, DE only Greenlights Tennogen Skins for the most used (that's why you always see a Saryn and/or Excalibur Skin). And for that reason, they keep ignoring his Tennogen content (which there is plenty), despite people commenting in the hundreds asking for some Revenant stuff every time DE announces the next Tennogen Round.

Please, if you have the time, go to: Revenant's Tennogen Page and vote all Cosmetics you deem worthy of being included in-game.
?appid=230410&searchtext=revenant&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=textsearch&section=home - Revenant players deserve some Cosmetics. Here is a comparison with all Warframes who came after him


His Iconic Tennogen Skin that has been ignored for over a year now is the "Draugen Revenant Skin" by -Goosmo: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2172547955&searchtext=revenant

To close this up, I wanna say that I don't use Revenant at all, but I care for all Warframes equally. Tennogen content, which is arguably the most important content the Warframe Community has to offer, because it is the very player's hard work, which can be so significative it opens opportunities to be a literal developer in the very same game (ex.: Liger Inuzuka, who started as a Fan Art Creator, then became a Tennogen Creator and now is an Official Developer, being the designer of the Phryke Nidus, Zato Excalibur, Hydroid Rakkam, Atlas Karst, Khora Urushu and and upcoming Zephyr Deluxe which will include an Operator Set.

Being so preferential, and basing choices on the infamous Usage Graph (which was brought up several times, most recently in the Mark For Death nerf Devstream) is only frustrating for those players who choose the be "the underdog" (being familiar myself with the concept as Im an Oberon/Baruuk Main). Content, specially the one players THEMSELVES make, shouldn't be piled up, its should be distributed as good as possible across the game. But I guess that's just the nature of Warframe at this point, hopefully Gosmoo gets his skin approved (which by the way he revised and resubmitted THREE times) and Revenant players get something for their favourite Warframe.

Or as a good clanmate told me the other day: – "Im sure Space Mom would be proud to see her frame got some bling."

Peace out Tenno, and remember: WE ALL LIFT TOGETHER

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