Reworking rewards and replayability.

Warframe5 - Reworking rewards and replayability.

I have been playing for a few years now and what I see is (imo; flawed may it be) that DE misses the mark on replayability again and again. The expansions such as Poe, fortuna, focus systems, liches and now railjack are all amazing ideas and the actual systems are great (again imo). However the quote " a pond as wide as it is shallow" comes to mind.

This is because you can play fun, missions with interesting environments ( boss mechanics and enemy challenge is a whole other conversation for another day!), but why would you play more then several times if the grind of a 100lvl run is 1000 or so credits /: it's honestly disheartening. I think a major problem is that there is so little content you can provide players that DE has opted into resource rewards to expand the time it takes to use this content. 12 and 24 craft times, argon Crystal's and rng based rare resources make the game slow, frustrating and honestly boring because it takes way too long to get to the content you want! It is essential I think that there is some of this, but DE has gone way too far and with rail jack this is on the trend upwards. What DE needs (again imo; flawed etc) is too provide guaranteed rewards at the end of missions with flavor stats attached to rng and have the powerlevel of these stats associated to level of enemy directly (capping at 100lvl). But the question is what could they do? Intrinsics/avionics are good examples of how this system is so close but so far…. they provide a utility grind that the game needs but are not guaranteed ( disheartening the player) and the stats are not associated with rank but just bizarrely rng'd. Which despite all possible good intentions looks like a manipulative ploy to waste the players time.


What I think we as a community could do is using this post tell DE what kind of rewards we would like to see and what is an acceptable amount of rng so that we aren't dissatisfied.

—-‐—————–‐—————–‐—————–‐————– My example: archwing modular components (like zaws) are in development….I think this should be built into all existing gear. But to start with warframes. I think there should be rare faction based modular components you can augment onto your warframe. I.e a sacred orokin arm or kuva leg to your frame. These would be acquired via end of missions at high levels ("high" = +60) as a guaranteed drop and based on level have a power level in which stats would be randomly allocated. These stats could be part utility and part flavor. I.e orokin arm for Loki with +0.3 energy regen and small void singularity on melee slam +15% chance. These would allow for a grind that would provide us a way of further augmenting buildsand done without overpowering frames ( which many are op anyway…which is kind of fun too (: ).

This is my thought but might be disliked by many so please everyone add in personal opinions to what you would like as rewards for replayability….and how much rng is acceptable. Please DE this is meant as a show of support and admiration for the amazing game you have made so far <3

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