Reworking the Top 10 most replaced abilities from Devstream Helminth stats

Warframe12 - Reworking the Top 10 most replaced abilities from Devstream Helminth stats

After watching the devstream where DE discussed the Helminth stats, I saw the list of most replaced abilities and immediately began thinking of ways they could be improved. Anyway, here's my take on the top 10 most replaced abilities. Some of these are original ideas and most of them have already been suggested or are influenced by other media. Let me know what you think.

1) Mesa 1 (Ballistic Battery)

I felt that Ballistic Battery was unsalvageable, so I decided to change it entirely. I felt that Mesa needed something quick to cast on the move and some synergy with her kit.

Ballistic Battery fires a devastating volley of bullets in a cone in front of Mesa, scales with Peacemaker mods. Ballistic Battery has a high chance of inflicting Slash status. While using Peacemaker, Ballistic Battery can be used to reset the level of focus that Peacemaker currently has but it will retain the damage bonus of it's maximum focus level.

2) Nekros 1 (Soul Punch)

Nekros' Soul Punch always felt lackluster to me. I added a bit of synergy to the ability and little bit more damage to give it a bit more purpose.

Soul Punch summons a shadow of the target. If the max number of shadows are already active, it will replace a shadow using the summoning priority built into Shadows of the Dead. If Soul Punch is used on a shadow, it will dismiss the shadow dealing a burst of damage to the near area.

3) Inaros 3 (Sandstorm)

I struggled with this one a fair bit. I thought to myself what does Inaros need? He doesn't need damage reduction, that's for sure. He doesn't really need CC. So I decided to spruce up his damage. This idea also plays into Desiccation a little bit and hopefully would be worth casting.

Sandstorm envelops Inaros in a whirling sands. Sand will periodically lash out towards a nearby enemy afflicting them with Desiccation and adding additional slash damage to any weapon damage done by Inaros for the duration.

4) Chroma 1 (Spectral Scream)

Spectral Scream suffered from everything an ability could suffer from. Too weak, low range, slow moving channel. I decided it should scale with duration and it should have more synergy with his kit.

Chroma can freely cycle between elements by tapping the ability key. Holding down the key unleashes a blast of elemental energy in a straight line. The blast leaves a trail of elemental energy behind as it travels and lasts a certain amount (affected by duration). Standing in the elemental trail empowers Elemental Ward increasing the damage and the range. Casting Spectral Scream while Effigy is active will cause another elemental blast to be fired from the Effigy towards the current target.


5) Volt 1 (Shock)

Shock needed to be beefed up. It already provided some synergy with his kit but these changes turn it up another notch.

Shock causes affected enemies to suffer from the Discharge effect. Casting Shock again will overcharge any enemies affected by the Discharge effect. Casting Shock through Electric Shield increases the damage of Shock and causes the overcharged Discharge effect. In addition to the existing effect of causing Electric Shield to be electrified, Shock will also reduce the energy cost of carrying Electric Shield.

6) Rhino 1 (Rhino Charge)

I've decided to leave Rhino Charge unchanged. While the damage is pretty negligible and the ragdoll is generally not very useful, it still provides mobility and with the help of Ironclad Charge it can boost Rhino's Iron Skin to incredible levels. I believe Rhino Charge is so high on this list because Rhino is an easy to get and popular frame.

7) Excalibur 3 (Radial Javelin)

Perhaps the simplest change on this list. It's the best I could think of without completely replacing the ability.

Radial Javelin damage is affected by mods on Exalted Blade.

8) Ivara 2 (Navigator)

I like the idea of Navigator but never found it practical in Warframe due to the fast pace of the game. I stole some inspiration from Yondu and came up with something I think is more practical.

Navigator assumes control of the next projectile fired from any weapon or ability she uses. The projectile will orbit Ivara and strike enemies that come into range and will drain energy from Ivara while the projectile is being controlled. Ivara can hold the ability key while a projectile is active to assume control herself which changes the camera perspective to the projectile itself.

9) Wukong 4 (Primal fury)

Wukong's Primal Fury just feels like a subpar melee weapon that costs energy. Here are some simple changes that make it less out classed.

Primal Fury costs less drain per second. Iron Staff now works with Melee Combo and Acolyte mods.

10) Ash 1 (Shuriken)

Shuriken feels like a worse version of Garuda's Seeking Talons except for the Seeking Shuriken augment. I increasing the number of targets and added some much needed synergy.

Shuriken now throws 1/2/3/4 projectiles (up from 1/1/2/2). Shuriken also marks targets for Bladestorm.

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