Rez’s on Arbitrations wont help much since the ‘required’ frames only ever die in an instant from full health anyway.

Warframe11 - Rez's on Arbitrations wont help much since the 'required' frames only ever die in an instant from full health anyway.

I've done plenty of arbitration's and apart from when I've been playing limbo I couldn't tell you what's killed me in a single one of them. Barring a rare dumb mistake it's always instant death from some completely random source at lvl 150+.

And if you're running Broberon with phoenix renewal you'll see that once it happens to someone once, it happens again very quickly.

You just hit your limit where some of the enemies can chew through your EHP in one hit, you don't see the attack that kills you, you can't avoid it, playing better isn't going to save you from it happening again.

In the current Arbitrations;

  • You're already limited to only frames with absurd defence and a status immunity or limbo full rift mode
  • You're already limited to a required Catchmoon for killing drones
  • You're already limited to either a Nekros or an Oberon since they've never fixed renewal healing summons and chewing all your energy
  • You're already limited to only playing excav, survival (only with a Nekros or great luck) or interception (and interception is only do-able with at least 3 people which is even relevant before anyone dies outside the NA servers).

Adding a dangerous and slow res mechanic isn't going to change any of these things, it'll just save you from dumb mistakes before when your frame is predestined to die.


You know what would change a few of these things;

  • 5 minute rounds with double speed level scaling
  • Fixing defence so it only takes as long as the other game modes and can spawn a new wave when 95% of enemies are dead so you don't have to hunt stragglers
  • Straight up removing defection since you never get a full squad anyway
  • Changing survival and interception scaling so that you get more life support or progress with less players.
  • Removing CC immunity from drone effected enemies so you could actually have a squad with varied roles instead of Inaros, Inaros, Inaros and one of Nekros/Limbo/Broberon/Frost.
  • Making all the high damage and AoE enemy attacks actually telegraphed and dodge-able to open the up pool of viable frames to include kinda tanky frames as well as super tanky frames.
  • Fixing those stupid crit rockets that can do their damage multiple times and instakill an Umbral Inaros at lvl 100
  • Giving the game mode an end point at like 40-60 mins with it's own drop table that only has the stuff you were actually there for, like big chunks of endo, 2x Orta sculptures and the Emphemera, so you have something to aim for and you don't just hit the point where Inaros is the only viable frame.

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