Riven Trading & Toolbuilders: Phase 1

Warframe5 - Riven Trading & Toolbuilders: Phase 1

1077490 riven trading toolbuilders phase 1 - Riven Trading & Toolbuilders: Phase 1


Our first batch of live data is here! Read on, Riven masters!

You may recall: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1066990-riven-trading-toolbuilders-coming-changes/

Today I want to update you all on this part: 'When the data is set up we will post links and explain the update cadence / data, then toolmakers can either start or continue to provide Riven trade analysis for players.'

Right to the goods:


PC: Updated weekly based on the prior week's trades:

PS4: Updated weekly based on the prior week's trades:
weeklyRivensPS4 - Riven Trading & Toolbuilders: Phase 1


XB1: Updated weekly based on the prior week's trades:
weeklyRivensXB1 - Riven Trading & Toolbuilders: Phase 1


SWITCH: Updated weekly based on the prior week's trades:
weeklyRivensSWI - Riven Trading & Toolbuilders: Phase 1



There are 8 fields to start things off in Phase 1:

  • itemType: What type of Riven is it?
  • compatibility: Which Weapon is the Riven for?
  • rerolled: Has it been rolled or unrolled (true/false)?
  • avg: Average value of trades with this Riven Type.
  • stddev: The average variation in the prices that the Riven trades for.
  • min: Lowest amount of Platinum per trade of this Riven Type.
  • max: Highest amount of Platinum per trade of this Riven Type.
  • pop: Popularity of this Riven Type being traded within all traded Rivens.


This is actual trade data, not trade-chat data, released with the purposes to help toolbuilders and players learn more about market value of their Riven Mods. It is planned to auto-repopulate at 00:00 UTC Monday (the first week might require manual push as we get set up here). Of course, value is always open to interpretation. We are experimenting with this whole idea in Phase 1 – we don't really know what to expect, as is often the case. While it doesn't matter what we expect, what matters is why we are doing this: to remove any foul play in the Market. After a couple of weeks of feedback and results, we plan on bringing a bit more data, so please be constructive in replies.

All of this data is made up of Riven + Platinum trades. We do not include '1 Platinum' trades in our averages, etc, because we consider these to be between friends and not reflective of Market reality (although, friends, why not choose Ammo Drum)?

Riven Trading is indeed an optional part of the Warframe experience, we hope that those who participate in it find this helpful! Thank you to all who helped push this idea along, you know who you are <3!

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