Ruining Alad’s Day, or, How To Murderize The Demolysts. A guide.

Warframe9 - Ruining Alad's Day, or, How To Murderize The Demolysts. A guide.

I initially put this guide together for the Jovian Concord to help clanmates achieve higher scores in the Endurance challenge. I figured since Alad has been exporting his toys to other factions, it would help to go back and revisit this for the many people here. I've updated it in places to take into account the new faction types and some of the changes.

Recommended Loadouts in Disruption:
Generally you want a good split between Support, CC, and Damage for this game mode. The main issue is that CC applies… unevenly to Demolysts, see this link for more information; r/Warframe – A Study on Amalgams, Demolysts and their Individual A…

Amalgam Demolysts HATE Shield Disruption. Bringing 3 of those along does wonders for killing them quickly.

Player Roles in Disruption;
This player mostly wants to be able to clear out the swarms of lower health units with something like an Arca Plasmor + Polearm Zaw combo, the main thing here is what frame to bring. High range and Strength Slowva does a great job in Disruption, as does Nehza, Hydroid's 4 and Harrow's 1. Though Slowva's damage buff and Nehza's tankiness tend to make them especially good.

You should also bring Magus Lockdown, It makes for an efficient way to stop Demolysts in their tracks, and gives extra melee damage which synergizes nicely with our next part…

Condition Overload is your friend. Redeemer Prime CO builds nuke Demolysts even at levels above 100, and with something like a Chroma, Mag, Mirage, or other frame which can even further amplify that damage you can rip through them. Generally you want a high damage weapon that your frame can buff like a sniper or the aforementioned Redeemer Prime.

After more than 10 or 11 rounds, you'll easily be reaching Level 100 enemies, most frames like Novas get 1shot here, that's where Support frames come in, be it a Trinity with their finger superglued to their 4 key, Phoenix Renewal Oberon, or Wisp with a pile of Reservoirs they can all do a huge job to keep the team fighting effectively at higher levels.

As mentioned, as things go higher, you end up taking a LOT of damage. Most squads bring someone like an Inaros who can facetank the ludicrous damage when things hit the fan, but with a good setup you can bring a second CC or Damage frame instead of a Tank. Hybrid Tank frames like Rhino for his damage buff, or Nehza for his CC are decent choices.


Damage types:
As explored in the Reddit thread above, Viral is one of the strongest types against Amalgm Demolysts which is where you generally need the most damage output, however, bringing Toxin, Electricity, or Magnetic on your Secondary can improve your Condition Overload even further, resulting in faster kills. The classic Atomos, or Mara Detron are good choices for this, but any secondary with a decent status chance and high tick rate will work, so bring what you enjoy.

Against other factions, bringing Viral / Radiation, or Corrosive / Blast works against the Grineer Demolition units, while Gas and Magnetic work best against the Corpus units, and Corrosive works best against some of the tankier Infested demo units. As usual, the Corrupted bring a mix so bring whatever you feel works best.

Useful Tactics:

  • In Disruption, take the first round to gauge how good your team is, if you feel confident, start off with doing 2 conduits at once where possible. As things get harder however, it becomes more and more important to stick together so you don't get overwhelmed.
  • When doing 2 Conduits at once, you almost always want to do ones in the same tile, doing them in separate tiles splits your damage against the Demolysts and can even lead to you failing both Conduits.
  • It may sound obvious, but when hunting the Demolyst, don't stray too far from the conduit you're defending, make sure you can get back there fast if it's coming from another direction.
  • I've seen a few times when someone went ranging off 2-3 tiles away thinking they could head it off, only for it to sneak in from another direction and kill the conduit. I advise checking all the entrances to the tile and listening carefully for the telltale sound cue, moving 1 tile away can come after you've checked all the immediate directions.
  • Be a good sport and mark the Demolyst. If you found it at a distance, hit G and mark it. Your teamates can only see its marker 100m from it, and that's a lot shorter than you think especially if they went off in another direction. Tagging the Demolyst will help bring your squad down on it like a rain of thunder.
  • Keep your eyes open, occasionally a pulse of red circles will appear in the direction of the Demolyst before you hear or see it.
  • Be nice to your Smolts, make sure they know how to track Demolysts and don't leave them alone to do conduits solo.

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