Scarlet Spear Feedback/Criticisms/Suggestions – Missions, Enemies, Cheese, and more

Warframe15 - Scarlet Spear Feedback/Criticisms/Suggestions - Missions, Enemies, Cheese, and more

1180243 scarlet spear feedbackcriticismssuggestions missions enemies cheese and more - Scarlet Spear Feedback/Criticisms/Suggestions - Missions, Enemies, Cheese, and more

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  1. Limbo completely breaks the game mode because enemies have no counter to Cataclysm-Stasis
  2. Melee is once again a NON VIABLE OPTION
  3. Sentients are horribly designed
  4. Op-link does not scale or heal. At all. I thought we just solved this issue with excavators?! Without cheese mechanics like limbo, late waves are instant fails while early on there is zero risk
  5. There is zero meaningful variation to the missions. They are all exactly the same, every mission, with no meaningful randomness/variation and this is just asking for player burnout.
  6. There is no Railljack to the Railjack mode. All the effort into maxing out the railjack and its just a glorified Uber. It's scaled horrible so you cant do anything but be an Uber past Murex 3 anyway.


So now that most of the game breaking bugs and reward issues have been fixed, SS is a decently fun mobile defense and a quick way to stock up on arcanes but riddled with issues everywhere. Some are issues inherent to the event, some have been festering for ages.


this could have been made much clearer and an example video of how scoring works would have helped a lot as it is clunky to explain in words. I do not recall reading anywhere that you could leave a flotilla after you have scored points with it and still potentially get the bonus reward. That would have been nice to know before I wasted that hour and a half.

The first week:

The event was released into live build in a ridiculously broken state. On DevStream this was stated to be because they did not have enough people to properly test new mission-sync mechanics and whatnot. I call BS. Many major games have dedicated test servers to iron out these problems. Why should the bulk of PC players waste their time as unwilling QA testers, especially when many also purchase plat? Star citizen uses this to great effect with their Evocati test group. They selectively pick and choose the players who are most prolific in leaving high quality feedback and then invite them into a special test server, sometimes for weeks on end to QA. I guarantee you there will be no shortage of willing volunteers, if only for the privilege of getting to see/leak exclusive in-progress content early.

Overall mission feedback:

  1. I do like that the missions ramp to a certain point that is difficult for your average random squad that isnt cheesing yet have a defined end point. There is so much cheese in warframe right now there is no point of true endless. It just devolves into who can cheese and no-life harder.
  2. Squad composition would matter if you want to go into deeper waves due to the tankiness of the Condrix and the squishiness of the Op-links. However it caught on pretty quick there is absolutely NOTHING enemies of any level can do to Cataclysm-stasis so the event has now devolved into becomes a boring AFK fest where nothing is happening except to wait for the timer to tick down.
  3. There is zero variation to the missions. No modifiers, nothing to change things around a bit which makes running it over and over a chore and prone to player burnout.
  4. Op-links do not scale in any way. There are too tanky in the beginning with no risk at all and too squishy towards the end. Combine this with the naturally ultra tanky-but also high damage sentient models and you get a swarm of lightning-bruisers which can instantly end missions and wipe squads…unless you cheese with cataclysm-stasis.
  5. Squad reinforcement is pointless. Geared squads have no issues clearing the full missions. Also the price is way too high. I refuse to spend that large a chunk of my hard earned credits on an unknown squad that probably isnt even geared right for a single use, minimal benefit effect.

Suggestions for missions in general:

  1. As a stopgap, throw in Demolysts. They have a nullifier pulse which disables Cataclysm and are tanky enough to get there. While the all or nothing interaction with cataclysm is less than ideal, it potentially solves limbo cheese, or at least forces Limbo to think about how much range they really want and/or invest extremely heavily into 2 or more DPS memebers.
    1. Ideally change the way nullifiers fields and pulses interact with abilities, especially ability timers. Sure keep that null fields dont let abilities through. But entering a null field should not flat out negate buffs either. I would say while in a field, abilities tick down at 10-20x speed. Quantified abilities (like iron skin/negating swarm) lose 10-20% of charge every second. Getting caught in a nullifier pulse immediately knocks 15-20s off of any buff timers that are running. Quantified abilities (such as iron skin or Negation swarm) lose a flat 20% (ex. 100% -> 80%, 1000 max iron skin -> 800 iron skin -> 600 iron skin).
    2. Introduce rare units that can spam throw "nullifier grenades". Corpus have isolator bursa (with its cheap instant nullifier nade which needs to be fixed) but Grineer and other factions need this as well. Its up to the players to kill the nade fast enough before it releases a large non damaging AOE pulse.
    3. I realize this does nothing to solve the problem of Mesa, or Saryn, or energy pad spam, or Trinity spam, or Exodia contagion or other broken mechanics. Those interactions need to get fixed at some point too. Hopefully soon.
  2. Introduce "HP gates" for objectives. For example. The oplink has 20,000 HP. Non-regenerating. Drop the HP by 50% and put a 15s gate at every 5% HP with a final gate for 30s at 2hp. Low level enemies now need to chew through 500 HP per tick which is a decent amount but doable, but now high level enemies both hard hitting and rapid fire need to hit the link at least 20 times to kill it and the link is guaranteed to survive for around 300 seconds (5minutes) of continuous fire which should be more than fair.
  3. If you're going to do squad reinforcement, do it right.
    1. A member of the squad that needs help PAYS some event currency to summon another player.
    2. Let us EXCEED THE 4 PERSON CAP, up to 6 total players, with the caveat that only players with all rank 30 gear that are MR 20 or have an MR equal to or higher than the highest MR in the squad can join. Example. a squad with highest MR 7 will allow anyone with MR 20 or over in. A squad with MR 25 highest will only allow MR 25 or higher in. Will this stop trolls? No. But the community has so few trolls in it overall the system should work well.

Sentient feedback: Sentient enemies have 3 levels of tankiness:

  1. Squishy
  2. Oh my god why is it so tanky

This enemy mix is really un-fun to play against when every three enemies is a status-immune hyper-tank.
This is my Exergis with top tier riven. It dumps 2x 140k damage shots every two seconds (including reload) from a warframe with no buffs. It takes over 10 shots to kill some sentients in the later waves at point blank and that is MESSED UP.

As for individual enemy feedback:

  • The Brachiolysts. What even is the point of this enemy other than to be a new sentient model? It's squishy, its not aggressive, its damage is poor, its not a buff unit, its drops arent anything special. Sure theres more than other variants but not enough to be meaningful fodder. It doesnt seem to follow traditional Sentient adaptation mechanics either.
  • The Aerolyst is without a doubt the most terrible enemy DE has designed in recent memory. It combines every single horrible miniboss enemy mechanic and turns it up to 11. Its invincible. You cant use explosives on it, it seems to ignore beam type weapons, its hard to shoot weak spots because its giant invincible flailing arms blocks shots, you cannot effectively melee it because its flying meaning you get two hits in at best. You cant force it to drop to the ground because if you stun it GOES TO SLEEP IN THE GODDAM AIR. It doesnt do noticable damage, it doesnt buff other enemies. Its only purpose is to SIT THERE AND HALT MISSION PROGRESS UNTIL YOU AWKWARDLY KILL IT.
  • Battalysts. This is an old issue. They would be manageable if it werent for the disco laser which spins fast and does TREMENDOUS damage. By Condrix 14 or 15 its an instant room wide AOE squad wipe unless you have a hyper tank. Or are cheesing with Limbo. There is only ONE small safe spot and that is directly under it. There is little warning it is using that attack. No significant visual or audio cue and the enemy is relatively not attention grabbing. You're off in the corner beating on some grineer and then you're dead and then you see the small disco ball with tiny lasers and go "thats bullsh-".
  • Our Operators, you know, the void powered demon which channel unfathomable energies that also happen to be utterly toxic to sentients does BARELY ANY DAMAGE to them past the first 5 to 10 minutes of a mission. The resistance wipe is nice but it doesnt last and with all the Limbo spam going on, works rather inconsistently.

Suggestions for Sentient enemies

  • The entire faction needs to lose the status immunity. Keep the damage reduction and copy the lich mechanics that significantly limit the status stacks. Something like -2 max stacks for each element it is currently resisting.
  • Brachiolysts need to be made slightly tankier. Give them a mid-damage slow tracking continuous beam or something.
  • Aerolyst: complete rework. Make this guy a mini-ropapolololyst. Reduce number of weak spots to 2 or 3. Make them much larger and move them to the upper backs or the arms. Make them an actual threat. Give them the ultra high damage Ropalolyst pulse laser attack with the sniper style aim-indicators.
  • Battalysts: The disco laser move needs a complete rework. Reduce the number of lasers to 4 or 5 at most. Make them and the orb MUCH Larger. I want to see a big energy pulse and noise 2 or 3 times before the ability fires. Keep the damage but reduce the speed significantly. It should be no more than base warframe walk speed (not sprint) so players have time to get out of the way.
  • Operators: at some point operators need a full rework but for now can we get an innate 30 or 50x void damage multiplier against sentients? I want to see that void power.

Earth missions:

  1. Where is the mission variation?
    1. Why in the world are Condrix drops not random? They are always in the same locations, in the exact same drop pattern and that gets boring as hell.
    2. Why in the world was Plains of Eidolon not repurposed for this? PoE (and Fortuna for that matter) seems like the PERFECT arenas for a mass sentient invasion with potential for randomized drop points and multiple drops.
    3. Why is there only ever one at once? Why not drop two or three or even four at a time and let high level ultra optimized squads go nuts?
  2. Why do we have all the time in the world to get to a Condrix and beat on it? Arent these intel gathering sentient carriers? Add in some interception mechanics like a cumulative progress bar or the "liberate grineer camp" style control gauge and if the gauge fills, then the mission ends.
    1. This way its harder for a random squad to just cheese with CC spam or Limbo spam because they HAVE to have a squadmate that can DPS down the Condrix and sentients.
  3. Why are non gunblade-non exodia contagion melee once again a non viable option? AGAIN. Just, why. Why waste all that effort on melee 3.0 and then make it non-viable versus weak point bosses, AGAIN?!
    1. The weak point is higher than most frames can bullet jump.
    2. The orb hitbox is located so far in the invincible shell that most melee hits are completely ineffective.
    3. There is nowhere to stand in front of the orb, we just slip off before getting a single hit in.
    4. There is no proper air melee combo system so we cannot remain in place midair to hit a floating target.
    5. I've managed to glitch inside the orb once with operator dash and the melee damage was NICE, but not Exodia contagion cheese levels of nice.

Suggestions for Earth Missions

  • Add variation please
  • Add some sort of platform for melee players to stand on so we can reach the weak spot. At some point, proper aerial combos and juggling need to be added, not just the impotent and cost inefficient "Lifted status"

Space mission:

  1. There is zero need for any railjack combat. Its used purely as a transport vehicle between Murex. Just grab the satellite and sprint like hell to the next Murex and park INSIDE of it and the dumb as balls AI will suicide themselves on the Murex geometry.
    1. Sure the odd boarding pod sneaks through but thats still not railjack combat.
    2. Furthermore the fact that I can just dump the railjack with a boarding party on it and run into the Murex and be completely fine is a horrible design choice.
  2. The fact that Railjack is currently scaled to lv 45 enemies and I am seeing Lv 100+ enemy ships that my tricked out mk3 everything crit railjack can barely tickle is a horrible design choice.
  3. The satellite disabling Railjack front guns while transporting the satellite is a horrible design choice.
  4. The inability to dump the satellite to fight is a horrible design choice.
  5. The fact that the satellite is completely invincible once you dump it in space is a horrible design choice.
  6. The complete and utter uselessness of the Artillery gunner position is a horrible design choice.
  7. The fact that the mission degenerates into a mobile defense his a horrible design choice.
  8. The fact that the only way to feasibly do Murex 4 and 5 without risking an instant-wipe is by abusing Limbo is a horrible design choice.
  9. Again there is zero meaningful variation

Suggestion for Space Missions

  • Fix Railjack.
  • But seriously…
  • Make it so space enemies do not scale beyond Veil Proxima levels (lv 45 enemies max).
  • Satellite is NOT invincible after placement and must be defended until the Murex is dead. (This also solves the problem of a solo or duo players just camping the murex until it dies
  • OR each time the satellite takes damage, upload is halted by 5 seconds (non stacking with 10s cooldown)
  • OR introduce interception type mechanics where upload stops when enemies are near
  • Put a kill field linked to a crystal within the murex "cage-body" that does ramping 20% hp damage every second so players cant just fuck off and hide in it
  • Put make it so that crystal has to be artilleried so players can archwing in before it respawns in 20s
  • Decrease the kill code required from 9 to 5.
  • Make it so that placing two oplinks hits the 100% transmission speed cap. This way the average setup becomes 2 players on railjack defending satellite, 2 players inside defending oplink. If the two oplinks die, well you have up to two more. Of course top tier railjacks or geared players may only need one player on the railjack or on the ground or vice versa but at least there's now railjack in…. railjack.


I do like the mix of weapons and decorations. Thus far, the common and uncommon arcane prices seem fair for the effort put in compared to eidolon farming. I have not yet finished crafting the weapons so I can only theorycraft from stats.

  • I've no real concerns about the Ceti-Lacera. Right now all melee weapons are more or less viable. Lacera was good to begin with and this is a straight upgrade into hybrid melee territory.
  • The Basmu seems. Ok? It looks like a less potent Acceltra with a straight up impotent bootlegged kuva nukor glued onto it. Rather underwhemling stats for an event weapon. I doubt the life-steal gimmick would make up for the damage loss although perhaps hyper tanks would enjoy it. I would like to see the primary fire damage multiplied by at least 1.5x, maybe even 2x given it leans status. The secondary fire needs to at the very exceed the base stats of the Kuva nukor due to the tiny magazine size.

I would have much liked the option to purchase forma, potatoes, slots, and perhaps even railjack weapons or skins. It would be a very good opportunity to allow non-railjack players to catch up on gear.

Story/Charactera/Voice lines:

  • Overall is decent. But again there is too little dialogue variation. Little duck saying calling Ruk a "pillok" got boring after the first three times and I hear it MULTIPLE TIMES A MISSION. Please please PLEASE play Hades by Supergiant games. That is a game that does dialogue variation right.
  • Vay Hek was funny. I'll give you that. Then Kela became an over the top boistrous TV Star. Now Ruk is being retconned into an uncompromising xenophobic racist zerg rushing idiot? Ruk was one of the most honorable grineer in Gravidus Dilemma. Anyone who fought for the Grineer IS Grineer and is to be respected. Ruk called out Vay Hek on his use of the Grustrag 3 because they killed his soldiers. He was written as a Grineer who valued his troops and now half of his dialogue is "Kill Tenno, Kill Sentient!" "Throw yourself mindlessly at the enemy!", would it KILL your writers to have some Grineer characters with even a bit of depth to them?

Welp there goes about 4 hours of my life writing this. If you got this far thanks for reading and I hope you're all staying safe in these strange times.

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