Scarlet Spear isn’t really fun. I’m not angry, I’m just disapointed and want to talk about it.

Warframe13 - Scarlet Spear isn't really fun. I'm not angry, I'm just disapointed and want to talk about it.

Okay, so, like…

There's just a lot of issues here.

Squad link, for instance, doesn't add anything to the experience at all. There's no coordination with between ground and space, it's two separate groups doing separate things independently. There's no "Okay pull the trigger… Now!" kind of stuff that would actually make it feel like the two groups are coordinating to achieve a common objective.

I don't understand what we're doing. I don't get what a Murex is. I don't understand what a Condrix is. I don't understand why we're on earth.

What is Murex? Is it a ship? Is it a person? What is the ship for? It doesn't seem to have any guns, despite being used to invade a hostile star system. It's defenses are really really limited; Small numbers of fighters, some lackluster drop ships. The Sentients have had a thousand years to prepare to fight us, specifically, and then when they show up en-masse they just don't seem very well equipped to do that.

But there are huge numbers of Murex ships. Canonically at least 100, likely many thousands. What are they for?

So, Condrix, same question. It's for recon? Recon of what, exactly? Hunhow has had Occulysts putzing around the system for years now. They know where the Resevoir is, they know the Tenno have dispersed out in to the system. What are they recconoitering for on a desolate backwater like Earth? There's nothing there except Grineer and Kubrows, so what do the Sentient's want to know about it?

Why don't sentient fighters adapt to damage? It's literally their defining thing, but we're getting more and more sentient units that don't do damage adaptation. The same applies to some of the new sentient ground units. What's going on?

The missions themselves don't feel good, either. The ground/Condrix missions already don't make a lot of sense. We're… hacking a dropship? that's doing recon? It just doesn't make a lot of sense. And, you know, it's just a defense mission, at the end of they day. It doesn't feel like you're repelling a dangerous invasion force, it's just a handful of sentients mixed in with some grineer for some reason.


The space missions have a similar problem. There's not much sense of threat from the Sentients. You'd think kicking their front door in and invading the command center of a 6km long war ship would provoke a really aggressive response, but the Sentient enemies just kind of anemically trickle in, and the defense areas are huge and open in a way that doesn't really do the sentient fighters any favors, as well as making the ship feel very empty. It feels less like assaulting the command deck of an enemy war ship and more like… I dunno, breaking in to an abandoned warehouse or something.

And why do the Sentient's let us keep getting away with this? I guess they idea is we're hacking the Condrix' to… i dunno, give the Murex a concussion? That's clever, once. After you do it the first time you'd assume the Murex would talk to each other and change their login passwords. But the game loop is to just do this same process of ambling towards the murex, flying inside, doing a mobile defense, then ambling to the next Murex.

It doesn't feel like the opening battle in the long awaited New War. There isn't a lot of story to explain the stakes of what we're doing. What happens if we don't drive the Murex off? They get some pictures of Kubrow to send to Erra? Why are the Sentients kind of just letting us break in to their ships?

Why, for that matter, are the Senients even in the Origin system? They haven't even really made a formal declaration of War or anything. It's clear they don't like the Tenno, which is understandable, but they've never directly communicated and said "Hey Origin system this is why we're attacking you!"

So, like, I was really looking forward to this, and now it's out and the gameplay is really a disapointment. I really like Railjack, and I don't think SS handles Railjack very well. It doesn't handle the Sentient's very well, either, especially compared to the complex Eidolon fights and the Roly Poly set-piece boss fight. Scarlet Spear doesn't really convey story well. We've sort of got an answer to Who: the Sentients. But we don't have good answers to "What". What is a Murex for? and we don't have a good answer to "Why?" Why are we on earth? What is the purpose of the Murex' in the greater invasion plan? What are the Sentient's goals in teh Origin system?

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