Seems like Sorties could use some new incentives. Here’s a thought on how to do that.

Warframe9 - Seems like Sorties could use some new incentives. Here's a thought on how to do that.

I'll try to make this short and sweet.

The Basic idea is this; Raids are gone. We now have a whole lot of different locations including two large open areas. Sorties are just kind of.. disjointed from the world of Warframe.

But, bringing them wholey into the fold could be simple!

My thought is, each week we could "Raid" a specific location, planet, or tileset basically to include the Star Chart the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Valus, during that week all of the Sorties would be held in the same location maybe even be made to end in an Assassination on the final day (Saturday) or something. If you complete 3 or more Sorties during that week you get a bonus reward on Sunday (Saturday night at reset) for being part of the "weekly Raids".


This would be fast simple content to make but still *good* content in the end, maybe just a few new voice lines or even just inbox messages, that could really {Streamline} Sorties and allow us to feel like they are doing something real. It would also take out a lot of the randomness with the Sorties. Plus I would personally love seeing PoE and Orb Valus on the Sortie list for a week (As long as they work).

Please, leave your two cents!

Edited for some clarification (I hope)

Edit2: to clarify I don't mean to change the current Sortie-reward system. Simply to add more to the exsisting system. One tileset would contain all the sorties for an entire week ending with a weekly reward for completeing 3 or more Sorties during that week. And when I say "Raid" I mean like, to raid a hold not the traditional video game raid mechanic based idea.

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