Sentients: a future question of balance.

Warframe4 - Sentients: a future question of balance.

With The New War coming, and the hint at an "expansion" to the game, many of us may have gone to the Simulacrum to test builds against the Sentient fighters we have now.

I did a far future test: "What if we had a Tau System, and it had high enemy levels?" So, I tested various things against a level 100 Battalyst. That's when shit starts getting weird.

Level 100 Battalyst: Attributes.

Battalysts are status immune. Their ferrite armor grants significant damage reduction, but is removable. Their HP and EHP are far higher than any other standard level 100 enemies, with exceptions being enemies like the Nox and Juggernaut bodies.

Their sentient adaptation grants 95% damage reduction. This can be stripped of course (though amps do very little damage to armored Battalysts, so they're completely a tool) and in many cases ignored.

Battalyst Observations.

The Paracesis, our one anti-Sentient weapon, absolutely mauls them while paused. Good luck hitting an unpaused Battalyst though.

Pure damage crit weapons, even with correct builds and rivens, do poorly against Battalysts.

Excalibur Umbra is at home. Level 100 Battalysts versus Excalibur Umbra feels like a very good, engaging fight.

Mesa absolutely trivializes Battalysts.

Battalyst potential and concerns.

The more I tested, the more I like Battalysts. They use movement, enough to be engaging but not annoying. They have attack variety. They feel like a threat. If more, similar Sentient enemy types are introduced, there is a ton of potential.


Armor scaling, however, would make "sortie tier" sentients absolutely insane in numbers. It is my hope that by the time we get more, armor scaling is addressed (yes yes I know) or their level is capped, forcing them to rely on group synergy and teamwork to fight the Tenno.

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Excalibur Umbra and, to a much higher degree, Mesa, have a massive leg up on other Warframes when fighting them. To make them a fun fight for all, and to keep Umbra relevant, the solution is not to remove ability effects but to expand them.

  • Nidus can't suck them together with his 2 currently, but he can use his 1, as an example. Let him use his 2 and let the Sentients adapt to it.

  • Let Mag use polarize, but let Sentients fight to escape it. Etc. for other Warframes.

  • And address Mesa so she does not become the end all be all. If we get more Sentient content, Mesa cannot be allowed to ruin it. Give them a way to fight her Regulators, or consider other options.


I am really looking forward to more Sentient content, but judging by my testing on Battalysts, there are serious balance concerns to address first.

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