Several Ways to Delete Wolf while DE figures out damage/wolf health

Warframe4 - Several Ways to Delete Wolf while DE figures out damage/wolf health

TL;DR: shattering impact, radiation, crit, archguns, amp radiation arcanes, crippling dash. Sanctuary onslaught to dodge him.

The wolf has alloy armor and alloy health, meaning you can get a 75% damage bonus with radiation, and radiation ignores 75% of armor damage reduction. The EHP reduction for a rad weapon against wolf is (EHP * (1-0.75))/1.75. It's about 14% of his health, or a 6 times faster fight. Cold and puncture also work, but not as well.

To strip armor your best bet is Shattering Impact. It's a rare drop but most vets get it, it's cheap on market (4-5 plat), and you can transmute it if you're feeling lucky. It will strip his armor with enough hits from any weapon that has impact damage. Redeemer prime charged shots don't work since they are blast, not impact. Stop carrying your condition overload corrosive crap in hydron, run shattering impact and radiation for when this bad boy shows up to ruin your day.

If you don't have shattering impact or aren't running a melee/exalted melee: use Sharpened Claws on your kavat. Kavats have vacuum now, they have good survivability, and smeetas give you more loot/affinity. There's no reason not to have one on hydron.

Forget status, slash, and condition overload. They are useless against wolf. Use weapons with high base puncture and crit.

Build a strong archgun! Your corvas, imperator vandal, or velocitus will all decimate the wolf with radiation damage. The profit taker already demands radiation with it's unstrippable alloy armor. It won't bog down your loadout while leveling in hydron. A duality equinox with one of those will evaporate the poor bastard.

Unleash the void demon: Change your operator arcanes in Vox solaris. Your void damage is strong, but it has 0 bonuses against alloy armor. Use virtuous surge and magus melt as your arcanes to turn your amp into a radiation damage hose. Your ideal eidolon amp with those arcanes will decimate the wolf. An unairu operator can use wisp to boost its damage, and sundering dash may even strip his armor. YOU DON'T NEED ZENURIK all the time and it is useless unless you're buffing your own damage. Stop running zenurik on hydron. Revive teammates with vazarin (and health the cryopod/make it invulnerable), buff with unairu, or buff your damage with naramon/madurai. Void stalker in naramon exists to give 50% more base crit to melee for 20 seconds so your rad melee deletes enemies. That is before blood rush btw. Naramon is already 45% more affinity to melee (not just on your kills) and so it's the fastest school for melee weapon leveling on hydron anyway.


Use a warframe with exalted abilities: Valkyr, Baruuk, Ivara, Excal, Hildryn, and Titania (by my estimate of decreasing potential DPS). Valkyr and Baruuk are the strongest of these since they have high attack speed crit based melees that have base impact damage for shattering impact. I've never had a wolf fight last longer than a minute with Valkyr's hysteria. If you are running excal/umbra, DON'T BUILD CONDITION OVERLOAD. It's a waste of drain. Put that crit chance, crit damage, and radiation on. I don't even recommend chromatic blade since it will take way the impact damage of exalted blade for shattering impact. Build crit/rad and get in close to build combo counter with the physical blade, not the projected slash. Combine with naramon void stalker to delete the target.

If you don't have any of the above: don't level fodder without a wolf killer. He has a 6% spawn now, and your fight will last 5x longer for 50% more affinity to the weapon if you are leeching on wolf. Take your twitch prime vectis and slap radiation on that bad boy. Take your eidolon killer rubico prime with you. I've killed a nightmare grade wolf on helene defense with an eidolon rubico (no riven). It took me 14 minutes total for a 10 wave nightmare defense since he spawned. Bring a means of damaging him.

If you aren't going to heed any of this: go to sanctuary onslaught to level garbage. You can level weapons and warframes there just as fast as hydron. Wolf cannot spawn in onslaught. If you are only leveling weapons elite sanctuary onslaught is even faster than hydron anyway, and you can try to get that ephemera.

Thanks for reading. Please link and share this post for people complaining about wolf EHP. I agree his scaling is broken, and you shouldn't have to mod every mission for an enemy with a 6% chance of spawning, but hey that's the game right now.

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