Should the current/soon to be old railjack interior be left in the game as a different class of ship entirely?

Warframe12 - Should the current/soon to be old railjack interior be left in the game as a different class of ship entirely?

As we all know, the current railjack we've been sailing in will be getting a refresh this month, and with it we'll be seeing a ton of great quality of life enhancements to the railjack system as well as new maps to play in. These new and exciting features will also be coming with a new, more compact, layout to the interior of the railjack designed to make it easier to traverse.

So my question for this new change to the layout is: Should the older interior be preserved?

My idea for preserving the older model is to have it be exclusive to the rising tide quest, and have the new interior be exclusive to the market place and able to be built within the relay drydocks and having the exterior of the new railjack be shorter in length than the old one. With this, players will have the freedom to either go for an easier to use model, that'll take less time to obtain, by buying it or building it in the new drydocks, or they can take on the rising tide quest, and restore an old war era battle ship that is a lot larger, and a bit clunkier to use in comparison.

If the two interiors are allowed to coexist, you could then have two ships have differences that give them both unique rolls in gameplay:


For the og interior, you could make it a slower, tankier ship that is more suited for larger space battles where you are getting hit from all directions. This model could even be given a small upgrade where you can visually store your mechs within the ship, giving them a boost in ready time but having the drawback that your ship is a bit slower. And possibly have it functionally work as a mixture between old and new systems, an example being to have the original stamina bar for flight, creating a more team focused ship that players can work together on with certain roles within the ship.

For the new interior, you could make it a faster, more nimble, attack craft that's more suited for faster missions that involve smaller dog fights in space, and your team being in an enemy ship for a short amount of time. The upgrade for this model could be that the railjack stores your archwings, using them as a means of supercharging your ships energy and shield regeneration with the downside being that your archwing starts out with zero energy when you exit the ship. You can then have this new ship go all in with all of the new systems, allowing for a ship the ship to be easier for solo players as well as players that are just starting out in railjack missions.

Tl;Dr: i feel that the new interior doesn't fit the exterior of the railjack in size, so i am really hoping that we can find a way to keep the old interior around as a way to preserve the original railjack experience for new players as well as old players that enjoy the large layout of our current railjack.

Thank you for reading and responding.

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