Should you revive players in Arbitration?

Warframe4 - Should you revive players in Arbitration?

It's a tricky question despite the instinctive need to say "yes" for moral reasons, we need to think about this one more time.

In the post by DE Connor, he says "dead players can be revived – but your squadmates will have to earn it." But why should we?

Put aside your "because you're nice" or "because you want them to do the same when you die" for a sec and let's consider a scenario. You go in to Infested Survival and you are playing Nidus. You know that you can reliably survive until 4th rotation (40 minute mark) before starting to have a real struggle staying alive. You are nearing 30 minutes when your squadmate, Octavia, fails to go invisible in time and dies.

Two problems:

1)The Arbitration drones will now begin to drop "Resurgence Burden" which you can pick them up in a manner similar to Index points. But these will reduce the shield/health/energy on your warframe, stacking up to 5 times. Let's read that again. "But these will significantly increase your risk of becoming the next guy to die, stacking up to 5 times." The constant energy drain, over 60% reduced hp and of course, the reduced shields. Some players may still shrug and say "not a big deal, not like it's permanent. I'll manage to survive" But with the increased enemy scaling I wouldn't be so sure.


What incentive is there for the squadmates to risk their own lives in trying to revive a player for their mistakes? In normal missions, this doesn't come off as a burden because even if it comes to the worst and everyone is downed, everyone can simply revive themselves and move on. Not the case here. If you die and I die trying to revive you, that's a loss on me on the account of you. Why should I risk it? I'll do it if I get an extra rotation reward for it I guess?

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2) In Index, picking up Index points isn't a choice. You walk over them, you'll pick them up whether you want to be the collector or not. That means if Arbitration drones begin to drop these "Resurgence Burden" and they behave the same as Index points, you will be forced to play with the map now scattered with debuff minefields. Unlike Index even, there's no place to dump the points and get rid of them once you pick them up. You're stuck with them until you get 5 stacks so you can dump it on a downed player.

But… what if that downed player leaves before you can revive them? I'll let you sit on that for a moment as you stand there watching the spot where revive tower was just a second ago, with 5 Resurgence Burdens orbiting around you.

Food for thought, I don't like this change.

EDIT: I suppose one tweak I would make is to increase the threat level of your warframe with each stack instead of a debuff, so that you draw more aggro from enemies and thus face greater challenge, but you're not gimped directly.

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