Smeeta Kavat is almost the Carrier Prime/carrier situation 2.0

Warframe10 - Smeeta Kavat is almost the Carrier Prime/carrier situation 2.0

Ages ago Carrier Prime/carrier was overwhelmingly dominant in terms of the pet that people would pick because its signature ability was just too good not to have, the ability to suck up resources from a distance. So much so its signature ability was changed and vacuum was made a mod all sentinals could use (and later companions).

I think the Smeeta Kavat is really doing the same thing only that its harder to aquire than carrier, if it was just as easy im sure it would be history repeating itself. I think it would be best if smeetas charm ability was made a global use companion mod with smeeta getting a new signature power.

For anyone that does not know Smeetas Charm ability gives it a 28% chance every 27s to cast a buff on the player, most of these are fine lasting not very long and giving an enhancement that can be fun or benifical to combat, small stuff to next reload being instant to a massive dmg boost of 200% flat unchangable critical chance for 30s (though for red crit builds this is actual a reduction in dmg but thats besides the point)

One buff however is so crushingly powerful it knocks all other companion/sentinal bonuses out the park, the smeeta has a buff to DOUBLE all resouces picked up and affinity gained for a full 2 minuites, this buff can also rarley stack ontop of itself to give even greater increases and stacks with resource boosters, weekend boosters, disruption modifiers and relic fissure round modifiers. Below is a list of things you can farm 2x of (or more with multistack) with the smeeta buff. By default the buff simply doubles items as you pick them up, as for things you do not pick-up I have listed next to their entry how the buff applies.

Affected by the buff are…

  1. Affinity/Focus
  2. Credits
  3. Void Traces – (if buffed when picking up the 10th trace)
  4. Kuva Siphon – (if buffed when siphon dies, its affected)
  5. Kuva Life support – (if buffed when the timer reaches 0)
  6. Kuva dropped from Demolysts
  7. Vitus Essence
  8. Steel Essence – (Its not in the game yet but as it looks to function exactly like vitus essence its safe to assume it will)
  9. Eidalon/orb vallis Fish – (applied to any fish caught while buffed)
  10. Eidalon/orb vallis Mining Gems – (applied to gems mined while buffed)
  11. Orb Vallis Toroids – (droped from enemies definetly affected, unsure if toroids found on ground and picked up are as it has been so long since I did that, I BELIEVE they are)
  12. Sentient tokens from completing annomaly runs – (I have not done these since a little after christmas so let me know if this is still functional, applied you you are buffed on killing the 30th sentient)
  13. All Orb Mother drops, including credits – (applies if you are buffed when orb mother dies for credits, items on pickup)
  14. All Building resources – (I am un-aware of any that are not affected by kavat buff, especially potent for farming polymer for having lots of mana pads)
  15. Pigment Dye for clan dojo
  16. Railjack resources – (if under effects of buff when you or an ally converts resources into cargo hold they will be doubled for you, I do not know if the buff also doubles resources you pickup that go into the forge, I would guess yes)
  17. Forma dropped from Rare/lua sound memory puzzle containors
  18. Condensed Thermia – (if buffed when a player picks up the completed 4/4 canister)
  19. Kavat Genetic codes – (I think, not sure though its redundant anyway)

Exceptions to the buff are…

  1. Syndacite medallions – (this actually did used to work and was patched out)
  2. End of round rewards
  3. Blueprints
  4. Eidalon Drops
  5. Sentient cores – (I think, let me know if they are and I will change)
  6. Mods
  7. Kubrow Egg – (not 100% sure but almost)
  8. Sanctuary Onslaught Rewards
  9. Sortie Reward – (since its awarded post-game ofc)
  10. Ayatan Sculptures
  11. Dropped Requim Relics
  12. Granum Crowns

Additionally with the mod Tek enhance the buff is extended to 156s long. I think it is entierly fair to say this is without contendor the best companion ability in the game and heavily overshadows all others. I would urge DE to do what they did to carrier prime to Smeeta kavat.

Thanks for reading 🙂

PS: For anyone who does not have a smeeta kavat, you need to scan kavats in the derilect, rarley they will give dna fragments after completing the scan. I am not sure if after you get DNA from one you can use synoid helicors special ability to make a digital clone of it to scan to get a second one but I think that used to be a thing? Also you need the (or at least needed) the kavat incubator upgrade BP for your pet area as a random drop from hyeka masters (grineer cat ladys with flamethrowers) Also the sands of inaros has a HUGE wave of kavats you fight, if you bring an AOE disable frame you can scan MANY there (also scan the quest specific enemies such as tomb guardian as its non-replayable)

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