Some advice on how best to play disruption from someone whos put WAY too much time into the mode.

Warframe7 - Some advice on how best to play disruption from someone whos put WAY too much time into the mode.

Hi ho, I really enjoy playing disruption but often find a lot of others don't know some of the tricks you can do in the mode (or even core mechanics…) so I thought Id do a wee wright up here!

Number 1 Rule, Keep your Bloodlust in check – remember that killing enemies in disruption is done to gather keys to activate the conduits, seen way too many people spin2winning through crowds of enemies ignoring any keys that drop and keep on killing without actually making any round progress till a teammate comes get the keys their victims dropped…

You don't have to be the one to kill the Demolyst – If you have a key to a not yet activated conduit or a guarenteed key carrier in-front of you and a demo is active just leave it to the rest of your team if they are in the same room as the active conduit, they can kill the demo while you get the next conduit active (at least they should be able too).

Don't kill Key carriers during round transistion – Actually a tiny bit more complex, don't kill key carriers after all the conduits have been activated until the next round begins. Key carriers do not drop keys at all during this time and sparing them to kill once the new round begins is as good as holding onto a spare key! Waypoint them to keep track and make sure to let your team in chat know not to kill them till start of new round if in randoms but theres no promise they won't just spin2win them anyway. If you don't yet know who is and is not a key carrier just hold off on killing anything except the demolyst of course.

Spare keys can be saved for next round – Even if the conduit you have a key for has already been activated its still useful as it can be used next round, make sure NOT to drop it as they can despawn. Pay attention to the minimap when activating a conduit to make sure no keys of the same colour are currently on the ground as activating the conduit will delete any same coloured keys that are laying on the ground, wait until its picked up before activating or you can use the below trick.

You can carry 2 keys – You can carry 1 key on your warframe and you can pickup and deliver a second key as the operator. To help with this its good to know that a hidden mechanic in WF is that dashing through enemies with void dash refunds energy, 1 half, 2 full refund, 3 more than when you started! Keeping this in mind even an operator with an un-upgraded dash can still get around fairly well.


Use the large map option – With large map you can see keys dropping anywhere globally, especially useful if there are players in the team that are not pulling their weight when it comes to plugging in keys.

Turning off other sounds to locate demos better – You can disable other sounds in options menu leaving only sound effects to make hearing the demos pulsing sound easier.

Learn the key carriers for each faction – example Scrambulas, amalgums, broodmothers are all 100% key droppers but there are also in-consistent key carriers like Corpus techs (the large lads in red).

Pay attention to Demo spawns – in each round pay attention to what direction demos come from towards their target conduit, for some simpler rooms with less entrances it can become pretty easy to predict which way the demo has spawned after activating, giving you way more time to take them down.

They are a few ways to disable demos – examples include khora target chain, Operator lockdown (only 3 times though with each sub-siquent cast giving shorter duration) and even zenuriks slow debuff void blast. Of course this is completely irrelevent if you have enough dmg to simply remove them from existence 😛

Good map layout – this is by far the most sweaty tactic for having faster rounds but you can try to spawn a map with 2 small rooms directly connected to eachother with no connecting hallway inbetween. For examples rounds on lua with the large outdoor room connected to the large long hallway room are obviously gonna take longer to traverse and get around than if you had the room with endurance challange connected to the room where you fight umbra with big tree in middle.

Edit – Health drain lethality – Oh also to mention health drain will not drain you to death if it will take your hp under 0 but if it can land exactly on 0 it will and it will kill you. the amount of drain per tick is the same as current round os round 25 = 25 drain per tick.

Using these tricks you can farm the shit outta Disruption! Wether its for axi relics and universal syndacite medallions or if its for Arbiration drop tables 🙂 Good luck everyone!

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