Some of the Math behind the Condrix’s Damage Reduction

Warframe12 - Some of the Math behind the Condrix's Damage Reduction

Hello as a quick head up i didn't figure it out completely and am not planning to further go down that rabbit hole so some of this might not be 100% accurate or incomplete but i didn't want my findings to go to a complete waste so even though it's not finished some people might be interested in it regardless.

The Condrix has a little bit of a unique way of limiting our kill speed, unlike Eidolons which had a flat damage reduction of about 92%, the Condrix gets a higher amount of damage reduction the higher your potential dps before crits becomes. This is especially noticable on firerate buffs since this will increase your dps which results in higher damage reduction and therefore in lower damage per pellet, although you will still get an overall dps boost out of fire rate just less than expected. It's also easily noticable for Multishot.

This also applies to other stats like elemental damage, damage, sniper, combo, Chromas vex armor, Rhinos Roar and so on it's just not as noticable since you will see higher damage numbers when increasing those Value, just not as much as expected. The boni from elemental resistances are also taken into account so using the right element will result in higher dps and therefore more damage reduction (it's still a good idea to use the correct element). Excluded are things like reload speed or ammo capacity which don't affect the damage reduction meaning we are only interested in our burst dps without reloading.

Furthermore Crits are also not taken into account meaning that if we have a projectile with 1000 base damage and 4x crit multiplier and we just assume the damage reduction is 50% in this case, then we will deal 1000 x 0.5 = 500 damage on a normal hit 4000 x 0.5 = 2000 damage on a crit and 4000 x 2 x 0.5 = 4000 damage if we also fire through a volt shield. Due to this it is beneficial to use Crit weapons over just weapons with high raw damage.

For some Actual Values

At 20k dps the damage will get reduced down by roughly 76% to 4.8k dps and at 561k dps we will see roughly a 97.25% damage reduction resulting in only 15.5k dps. So despite a technical massive increase in dps of 2700% we only see an actual 223% damage increase when going from 20k dps to 561k dps. Or to phrase it differently we expect to deal 28 times the damage but we only deal 3.23 times the damage.

Since this is a really aggressive amount of damage reduction volt's shield which just doubles your crit damage is probably the best buff you can bring.

It is kinda difficult to put this into a formula and i really struggled on this part and would require some more testing to figure out. That being said Dps/(Dps+5700) is somewhat ok but highly inaccurate for high or low dps values so it's probably a little more difficult and this random number 5700 has probably some growth to it aswell or just some steps when certain dps thresholds are met, since at the 561k mark about 16000 is the correct value instead of 5700 but then it becomes inaccurate for lower values so don't expect this formula to give you the correct damage reduction.


Some Exceptions

This is true for most weapons but can be different for others and yes in case of the redeemer attack speed also counts as a damage increase and lowers your damage per bullet although i don't think heavy attack speed does.

Beam weapons for example are a little bit wonky with multishot on normal weapons multishot will decrease your damage per pellet but your overall dps will still increase on beam weapons however increasing multishot will decrease your damage per tick since the MS increased your dps but it somehow assumes you compensate by firing more projeciles but you don't for beam weapons so it treats your beam as if it had no multishot but decreases the damage regardless. So if you add multishot on beam weapons you actually take longer to kill the condrix. On the plus side -Multishot on a Riven decreases your dps so you suffer from less damage reduction and you also don't get the usual damage penalty you would get from -Multishot. Technically a beam riven with -100% multishot should allow you to completely bypass the damage reduction but the weapons where this is possible kinda Suck and you would need a really godrolled riven with -multishot. Also i didn't try with -100% since i don't have such an awfull riven , the best i got is -85% on a convectrix and it still sucks tbh. On the Other Hand -100% MS might still result in 0 damage that's hard to predict without said riven.

Note this might not be 100% correct but is somewhat close, and there are exceptions like with the lanka which seems to have problems factoring in fire rate correctly (which is beneficial for us) even though other charged based weapons with projectile like bows,the ogris or the hitscan ferrox work as i described. The secondary fire on the grakata when used with wild frenzy also doesn't get negatively impacted by that firerate and infact gets a small damage boost per pellet when using that.

But i'm a little bit to lazy to further try things out since weapons like the redeemer preferrably with volts shield do the job anyways so meh. Also i am not sure when armor kicks in since i just tested on an unarmored condrix to have an easier time but if i had to guess armor shouldn't make a difference for this particular damage reduction.

With the Warning that this is really unorganized, unpolished and not meant for a different person to understand a little treat for you Excel Fanatics out there (i am not responsible for any Heart attacks)
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