Some simple Stealth ideas

Warframe8 - Some simple Stealth ideas

I'm a bit sad with the current state of stealth. Even for spy/rescue missions it's often optimal to just bum-rush through all the security to the targets.

With possible exception of the stealth frames and focus/intrinsics affinity farms, the stealth is neither fun, nor that rewarding). So here are some ideas that aren't too difficult to implement (naturally you can add whole game modes that focus on stealth, but even small changes could help a lot).

1. Change how enemy detection works. 

Currently Warfame has the classical silly gamey detection system. Once one enemy notices you, you are instantly detected by everyone in the area. This is not ideal at all for a game where stealth is supposed to be an option.

Also the way detection itself is not ideal. When enemies are on alert, they open fire the instance they detect you. The unalerted enemies have a small delay for visual detection when you come out of stealth (you can appear in front of them and still have time to recast stealth and such before they are alerted), but any other action (sound from shooting, dealing damage) instantly alerts them. My suggestion would be:

1) Extend that delay to other actions. So for example if you kill the enemy within 0.5 or 1 second of it hearing you or getting damage, it should still count as stealth kill (it's too soon for enemy to figure out what's happening). 2) Add a delay in the way alert state propagates through enemies. For example if we have 3 enemies in a row, in such way that 3 is far away not to hear the first one. If we kill the first one within 1 second of it detecting us, the second one should be unalerted. If we fail to do that, the second one gets alerted, but we still have another second to kill both of them before the third one is put on alert. 3) It should still be possible to stealth-kill enemies that are in the minor alert state, just more difficult to do so. No reason to ruin your fun if you still manage to do it. Heck, maybe that initial second enemy is actually put into this state before going on full alert. 4) Cameras should probably sound a general alert, if you stay in their vision for more than a second and don't destroy them. They aren't very useful as it is. 

Naturally one would have to play around with actual timing and distances, but this kind of leniency should make it feel way more natural and fun.


2. Reward players for stealth play 

I'm not sure that putting important rewards behind the stealth wall would be a great idea (not everyone likes stealth), but just improved affinity isn't much of an incentive most of the time. The easiest approach would be just increase drops, but I don't think that's a good path to take, as it's not very visible – I imagine most players don't even know that you get more affinity from the stealth stuff. I personally would probably go the opposite route – increase the rewards if there are no kills, but that's personal taste. In any case, I have 2 ideas:

1) If you complete the whole mission without sounding the alert or triggering alert state for corrupted/infested), you get some "secure intel" or some such tokens. Triggering the alert, but cancelling it fast enough probably should still give a bit of those tokens, and maybe add them as a secondary drop from spy mission vaults, if alert is not triggered. 

You could then exchange at some NPC (like Suda). Rewards don't have to be anything fancy, even some endo would be fine (in fact we do need more sources of endo).

2) Scatter some vaults throughout the levels that can only be accessed if no alarms were triggered during that level so far (or max 1 alarm for 10 sec or lower quality lockers / lower difficulties for example). Again, rewards don't have to be fancy, and you can simply upgrade some random existing lockers, spawn something in the current hidden cache locations, or both so it wouldn't be a massive undertaking. 

Of course, there are games have done a lot more for with stealth – stealth centred game modes / levels, stealthy alternatives to boss kills, enemy distractions which they could investigate, enemies whose purpose is to detect and hunt down stealthers, more security devices, messing with level illumination etc. But all of that obviously requires significant resources to develop, and even small changes could add a lot to the stealth side of Warframe.

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