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Warframe15 - Some talk about Infested Open-World

Hey there, so after all the talk about the upcoming Heart of Deimos update about it being a "planet" with missions nodes and the great possibility of it including a Infested faction Open-World area I figured we could discuss about some questions we could ask ourselves for things the the Infested world will have, for example what kind of people are we going to have to offer us missions and stuff? And also things we could take from the previous Open-World areas and think what it would be turned into for the Infested.

Anything I'm going to mention is taken from both Plains of the Eidolon and Orb Vallis since other than the area itself all have somethings similar that change in order to match the Faction. Let's start with the name, Plains of the Eidolon uses the word Plain: in other words "field" which is to say that it's a big area for Open-World. And then the Eidolons which are big undead or something, Sentients while having all around the map minions or whatever, the Vomvalysts, the Eidolons wander around as the big bosses of the Plains, which there are Three of. Eidolon Teralyst: Terry, Eidolon Gantulyst: Garry, and Eidolon Hydrolyst: Harry.

Then we have Orb Vallis, Vallis in other words is "valley" which also is to say that it's a big open area and then we have the Orbs, The Exploiter Orb that wanders around with the little coolant carrying spiderbots, the Profit-Taker Orb that does Overshield bathing on top of a tower from the Satelite and the Unnamed Orb that's just bathing in some coolant lake, Three in total and the three, (we don't really know about the Unnamed one but we could speculate it does too) have some kind of "Sentient program" or something? Basically something that makes them Sentient-y if I'm right.

So now with the Infested if they the other areas decide to pass the baton the name will probably have something that indicates a big open area and something that indicates the bosses, which most possibly will be 3 and will have some kind of weird connection with Sentients?? The last will probably be a no but who knows? I don't even kniw if Sentients and Infested can have any connection at all.

And now some Eidolon Plains and Orb Vallis features and my idea on how they'll change for Infested, some of them will just be questions.


The name if the "safe house" could most possibly be Heart of Deimos, or maybe not, now with some people professions, we'll have a Fisher that we will probably provide mutated fishes I guess, a miner, a wildlife expert that we will probably secure mutated animals to prevent the Infested from turning them into total Infested, I guess some Sentient expert for new amps and operator outfits, arcanes and what else, the leader or something that will give us missions and bounties and one more person who we will be able to craft stuff, on Cetus it was Zaws (Melee), on Fortuna Kitguns (Primary, Secondary), now on Infested, I have no clue, perhaps we'll also get someone who'll give us new Infested pets.

And now for the open world, it is most certain that we'll get a bunch of new Infested, some that will be able to shoot and some with rockets for when a player is on the Archwing, we'll also most possibly get a new vehicle! What else now? Right, some kind of goo-y or toxic liquid lakes, rivers, cave lakes for fishing and we'll probably need a new fishing rod, on Eidolon Plains and Orb Vallis we have transport ships that bring a bunch of troops, for the Infested it will probably be a new big Infested creature that will be storing other Infested in it or on it from them to then drop down, also, for EP Grinner drop from capsules from space as a secondary way for troops to get to their spot or for reinforcements while Corpus on OV get beamed down, for the Infested now, from pics I had seen I'm pretty sure I could see Infested growth on the sky so perhaps they'll drop from the Growth in pods kind of like a rotten apple falls from the tree. And that is all I can think of for now, if there is anything else you would like to include, something I missed out, some theories or perhaps correct me for something I've said, feel free to comment.

I also wonder what kind of weather cycle we'll have there.

And last but most definitely not least, something I have no idea how I managed to forget, are the Warframes! On the Plains we have Revenant who is based on the Eidolons who's a Warframe "corrupted" by them and Gara who sort of is her own thing.

And on the Vallis we have Hildryn who I think is based on the Orbs but I'm not really sure and Garuda who's more or less her own thing.

So that means that at some point, not sure if enough time has passed since Protea came out for DE to bring a new Warframe but at some point we'll get two new Warframes from the Infested Open-World, maybe a cousin of Nidus based on the Infested world's three bosses and another one that's it's own thing.

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