Some Thoughts on Natah in a post Ropalolyst world

Warframe10 - Some Thoughts on Natah in a post Ropalolyst world

If you haven't completed everything in the plot, including the ropalyst fight, please click away.

So I finally wrapped up chimera prologue earlier this month and then started farming wisp today. First off, the fight is fun except for the fact that Natah covers so much of the screen in the beginning. I've found a strategy with wukong that really works for me and my lack of coordination, so it's really a great time!

But I have finally settled on a version of events that feels right to me, and I'm gonna share it with an additional theory I have in relation to the planes of duviri.
Part 1: Who is Natah and who is the Lotus?

The sentients, having been given plenty of information by Ballas, devise a plan to basically kill the Tenno; Hunhow and the sentient queen craft a mimic that looks like Margulis, and that can mimic a person the way other mimics cannot. However, the Orokin somehow catch her, and then hook her up to a system in Lua that'll allow her to command the Tenno imprisoned there and seal it with the helmet, which holds an imprint of Margulis. Thus, The Lotus is born; she knows she isn't Margulis, but still behaves like her and may have some of her feelings. The Orokin assume this is a great idea, and for a time, it works, and she commands the many Operators to fight her own family. This is when Mirage is lost, and potentially when Titania saves Silvana. Eventually, after the sentient threat is gone, it stops being a good idea.

  • Margulis wouldn't be happy with the Orokin using her children as weapons.
  • Natah wasn't happy about the Orokin existing.
  • The Tenno weren't happy about the Orokin killing Margulis and enslaving them.

And these three together mean that the Lotus orders the Tenno to slay the Orokin higher ups without much issue, and then recalls as many as she can to Lua to send them to sleep in the hopes that her brethren will leave them alone and stay in the Tau system without much issue. This is when Gara perishes due to her deep love of the Unum, killing the last active sentient, and Revenant watches it for a time before dying to it.

Vor's Prize happens, we're happily bopping about the Origin system, when all of our activity, mixed with Tyl's meddling, wakes up Hunhow, plot happens, whatever, or so we think. Then, Ballas, who was probably hiding in his lab on Lua, assumes that This Lotus stuff is permanently written into Natah, and The Lotus has enough of Margulis's feelings to yearn for Ballas. He unplugs her from her command system. He takes off her helmet. In this moment, Natah is freed. She probably pretends to be his lover for a time while also letting him command some of her fellow mimics to help him kill his good buddy Excal Umbra.


Part 2: What does Natah Want?

So we and Umbra shank Ballas, and Natah decides to take him with her to wherever she's chilling. Tau? She did tell her mom she was going home.

Now, her time as the The Lotus has taught her a lot about the Tenno and their void powers, and she decides to try something with her dying "lover"; she turns him into a chimeric mix of Sentient and Human+. This gives us warframe's first amalgam. However, she needs help refining them if she's going to DECIMATE all human life in the Origin system and ESPECIALLY the beings she was supposed to kill the whole time and forced to tend for centuries, the Tenno, so she turns to Alad V. She knows Alad V, from her experience with him experimenting on Warframes, his Experiments with the infested, and whatever information she amassed as the leader of the Tenno faction# . So, she strikes a deal with Alad where he'll get to tinker with amalgams and sentient tissue and set them against the Tenno as an experiment, and she'll pay him handsomely. Now, I assume that something in the partnership frags explains how the ropalolyst got into the gas city to ruin his life, but for Natah, it's one more test to see how the Tenno fight while also testing her own abilities to deny them. She states her goal in the speech for her fight: to create hybrid sentients the Tenno and their void powers cannot touch, so that she can wipe out Humanity and create a new home for her people, just like her dad aspires to do.

Now, here comes a tenuous theory in regards to the Planes of Duviri; if they're based off of judges, and the word "plane" here relates to that a la the tool used to level wood, what if they're Natah's final design of amalgam? The little concept art we have for them is bio organic in a way that reminds one of the Orokin – whose era she's a product of and the culture of the person whose headspace she's been trapped in for so long – and more specifically Ballas, who's the Orokin she has the best relationship to, comparatively. Perhaps they're HER judgement of the tenno, and a a better judge than the Stalker, whose failures she's witnessed before and whose nature may be something akin to Silvana's.

+look, we can debate Ballas' humanity all day, but he's human *enough*, ok?

#btw I think glitch lotus is how Ordis hides the fact he's had to pick up where she left off, on top of trying to comfort us.

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