Some unique Helminth synergies could go a long way.

Warframe9 - Some unique Helminth synergies could go a long way.

EG. for Equinox, Shed could swap her Day/Night form on use (but not confer the same buffs that Metamorphosis does, of course). Or Eclipse could transform her based on whether she's standing in the light or dark. That would be a new way to play the unique aspects of the frame, rather than each ability working the same way on everyone.

Frost using Firewalker or Fire Blast, or Ember using Ice Wave or Tempest Barrage, could instead do boosted Blast damage the same way that stacking Thermal Sunder does.Ember using Shock should do fire damage/status instead of electric.

Pull on Limbo could affect enemies on the other side of the rift, and yank them into Limbo's current plane – basically the opposite of Banish.

Smite on Harrow could do Void damage – maybe a bigger change than these other flavor effects, but you'd hardly make Harrow overpowered with it since his kit is way too tight for that to become any kind of meta.Speaking of Harrow, his Blood Altar could restore shields instead of health.Xata's Whisper on Harrow could apply the effect to nearby teammates, or make enemies he kills while it's active restore his shields by 100 * Strength each (200 for headshot kills).

Spectrorage on Mirage could have a chance to blind each enemy who breaks a mirror and open them for finishers.

Nekros and Inaros should be able to Reave their shadows.

Pillage could cause an AoE Magnetic burst with guaranteed status at the end when used by Inaros, Nidus, or anyone else with no shield capacity. Alternately, the wave itself could do extra magnetic damage on contact and skip the "return" wave.


Airburst on Baruuk could build restraint when it pushes or pulls enemies without hitting them directly.Rest & Rage used by Baruuk could have its Night effect regardless of Emissive color, and switch to its Day effect while Serene Storm is active.

Mind Control, when used by Vauban or Protea on robotic enemies, could permanently hack one unit at a time instead of the usual effect.

Petrify used by Frost should have an icy visual shader on enemies, and could let him restore the health of his snow globes by shattering enemies inside or near them.
Petrify used by Gara should glass enemies as if they had walked into Mass Vitrify or been hit by the Vitrica's special air attack, including the same damage vulnerabilities.

Octavia using Silence could temporarily change her song's instruments to lo-fi beats.

Nidus using Empower, Nourish, Molt, Ensnare, Infested Mobility, Master's Summons, Blood Altar, Mind Contol and Resonator could cost mutation stacks instead of energy, and have alternative Infested graphical effects.

Lavos could be able to use subsumed Fire Blast, Fire Walker, Ice Wave, Shock, Tesla Nervos, Molt, Nourish and Elemental Ward to infuse their energy type into his pool.

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