Something to help new players.

Warframe12 - Something to help new players.

With the large amounts of posts of new people wondering what to do, I decided to write this, gonna be long, get ready.


Getting started in Warframe has turned way more complicated then when I started years ago, but as someone who's been helping newer players and being a mentor, I'll explain a few things.

Star Chart.

This is where all your missions will be, there are various mission types in each area, to open up another area, you must complete the requirement for the junctions, which hold a specter which is relative to the Warframe you can get in that planet, but this is not the case for all planets.

Upon reaching the requirements, you can begin to fight the specter, the first ones will be quite easy, but the further you go the harder they get.

After killing the specter, you can interact with the terminal in the front of the ship, interacting with this terminal is unlocking the next area, allowing you to complete missions within that area.


In missions you might receive something called a relic, these relics are used to get primes and other items.

Relics can only be open by fissure missions, these missions will have random spawns of Orokin soldiers (Also known as Corrupted), upon killing a Corrupted enemy, they have a chance of dropping reactant, an item which you must collect 10 of in order to open the relic at the end of the mission.

Rewards come in Bronze (Common), Silver (Uncommon), and Gold (Rare), Prime parts are scattered between rarities, but the rewards in a relic can never shuffle around.

Relics themselves come in 5 types, Lith (Easiest), Meso (Easy), Neo (Med), Axi (Hard), and Requiem (Hardest, but these aren't very important while starting), Relics can also be upgraded with void traces to increase the chance they can drop rarer items, the list goes Intact, Exceptional, Flawless, and Radiant.

The higher the upgrade, the less chance for commons, but higher chance for uncommon or rare.


There is mutiple ways of getting Warframes, and some you can get earlier then others.

Of course, the 3 in the beginning (Mag, Volt ,and Excal) are the choices you have as your first Warframe, Rhino is usually the first Warframe many get, my first Warframe myself was Oberon, another easy-to-get frame.

But Primes and certain Warframes require different ways, Primes are acquired by relics (I already stated basics of relics) and frames such as Revenant and Gara require a quest and open world bounties in order to get the frames.

Khora, for example, is not a quest frame, but she is acquired by Sanctuary Onslaught, which is an endless game mode, and she is not acquired by a boss either.

The only frame who has their main blueprint and are crafted during the quest for dirt cheap is Excal Umbra.

And Banshee, Volt, Nezha, Wukong, and Zephyr are all dojo frames.

And I will add, seems like a lot of new players go for Titania for their first prime.

Mastery Rank (MR).

Mastery Rank is the symbol of the amount of skill and time you have invested in the game, it is also a big part of unlocking weapons that are Mastery locked.

Mastery Rank is raised by affinity, which is the game's XP system, Affinty affects Warframes, weapons, compainons, and vehicles.

Every time you max your affinity an a weapon your weapon will rank up, for most weapons the max level is 30, but for Kuva weapons and a few others, you must polarize them 5 times to get them to level 40, which would be their max level.


Polarization is when you invest a forma into a frame, weapon, companion, or vehicle.

Polarizing something will revert its level back down to zero, but then you can freely change what polarity you want (the symbol that both the mods and mod slots have).

This is not something that you would do very early game, but it will be an important part of late-game.


Clans are a group of Tenno which help each other, do PvP challenges, and a social center.


The major part of clans is the Dojo, the dojo is where you will fight PvP arenas, obstacle courses, trading centers, and research labs.

Research is what allows players to craft certain weapons and consumables that will help in the long run.

Some clans are big, some are small, most allow every one in regardless of MR or age, but you just can't be an ass.

Clans are also just a way to meet new people.


Trading is the way Tenno give out items and also give people platinum (in-game currency for real currency) for other in-game items.

Platinum (or plat) is the common thing you'll see people ask for in trading because it buys many things, cosmetics and slots are the popular things to buy with plat.

But, you can ask to trade other prime parts for other prime parts, this usually happens when someone needs a part you have, and they have a part you need, or if it's a full set, they might give out a set they already have, or something they don't want.

Also, trading in dojos could have you pay a higher trade tax depending on how the clan runs,

Last thing.


This is a common scam among trades, which most of us locate and track down.


Mods are the building blocks of getting your arsenal ready for battle, many of the meta mods are primed mods, umbral mods, corrupted mods, Umbral mods, and augments which is something not very easy to access early.

However, there is multiple mods which you could use instead of it's prime relative or a corrupted mod.

Meta elements for weapons are usually Viral + Fire , which is a very lethal combo when used on the right weapons

Depending on the frame, you might run duration, strength, or range builds.

Sometimes you might run a tank, or a glass cannon build.

It all comes down to how you mod.



Credits : Buy blueprints and most things with these. (Index is best for starting to farm credits, then run profit-taker later.)

Plat : Buy cosmetics and trade with people, also can buy slots and rush things (not recommended to rush things)

Standing : Syndicate currency to buy things from vendors.

Nightwave Cred : Buy Nightwave items with them.

Ducats : Buy things from Baro, and sometimes craft with them.

(Don't know if these count, but I'll include them) Void traces : Level up relics with them

Focus : Level up the focus tree (this is for your operator, which you will get later in the game.


These are like the main vendors of Warframe, kinda like a faction that you can join and level up in and trade with, kinda hard to explain it.

But, Syndicates allow you to get augments later and allow you to buy relic packs and specific weapons.

The open world also have them, but they are different in terms of mechanics of how you acquire standing.

Open world syndicates allow you to craft custom pets, weapons, and vehicles. Along with a few captura scenes and cosmetic things.

Relay syndicates allow you to buy augments and weapons, a small decoration , and a captura scene at max level.

The open worlds do have the second syndicate, which is used for amps and operator items, Deimos allows you to make your Necramech.

Fortuna has a third where you can craft hoverboards.

Final Mentions.

Don't worry too much about primes, but focus on Quests and getting the star chart done, that's the main thing I did while I was beginning my journey, join or create a clan, it will help you be able to craft clan only things.

If there is anything I missed, I will come back and edit a few things in, but these are some of the basics I wanted to write down.

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