Something Wrong with Every Bounty on the Plains of Eidolon

Warframe10 - Something Wrong with Every Bounty on the Plains of Eidolon

With the arrival of Deimos bounties, I think this would be a great time for DE to go around and rebalance or fix bugs on the Plains of Eidolon that make the experience… less than enjoyable. This is a list of all the bounties on the plains, rated from my opinion on most to least enjoyable, and a thing or 2 wrong with every single one of them (though I'm not including Ghouls and… Plague Star? Does that still exist?). A note about my own biases, I'm currently MR 20, completed pretty much everything the story has to offer except for a few warframe quests, and I mostly play solo or with a single close friend (occasionally I also play public).

Cache Hunting: I don't really have a problem with this one. According to my friend, there are times when the water doesn't drain in that cave with the cache, although I've never experienced that problem myself. There's something satisfying about finding the cache if I can't remember all the hiding places, and even when I forget, the system is forgiving enough with the shrinking map and emitted noise that I can search with confidence. In my opinion, this is the best designed bounty.

Rescue: Out of all the bounties, this is the one I'm most pleasantly surprised to see, although I'd wager that's mostly because it's really easy and really fast. The mission itself is extremely simple, and it makes sense. My only real problem, other than the simplicity and lack of difficulty, is the fact that unlike normal rescue missions, you have to rely on the rescue target making it to the extraction point, which isn't always reliable.

Armored Vault: This one's pretty good, if a bit long, and annoying when being bombarded by missiles. The screenshake is more annoying than the actual damage though. Thank god they fixed the melee Grineer 2-shotting the console. When solo, I find it a bit annoying being unable to go out and deal with ranged threats, but it's nothing a long range gun can't handle.

Exterminate: This is where things start to go from "good" or "tolerable" to "getting on my nerves. Enemy spawns in this mission are a little low, and I get that I'm expected to travel to other locations, but the problem starts when I'm solo, and can't go running across the map to a new location. This kind of mission is one that I'd appreciate changing the rework to "kill as many enemies in a timeframe," then the implementation of an Orb Vallis-like "Alert" system that would ecourage us to keep the reinforcement drones alive. I think it's mostly inoffensive, but can be improved.

Supply Sabotage: This is one of those missions that on paper, works perfectly well. Until such time when my friend and I are trying to run bounties, completed the 30-kill optional objective, but the third beacon-carrier up and vanishes like a fart in the wind. The plains, in my opinion, has a problem where enemies don't have urgency to attack the player, to the point where we'll wait and search the area for the 5 remaining minutes and find absolutely nothing, either because he glitched out or despawned (my running theory because we had enemy radars on), or doesn't have any incentive to come towards us.

Drone Hijack: This mission is SLOWWWW. Never annoying, never that hard, but always slow. I'd find it more fun if the drone was faster, but there were more enemies spawning in faster. Giving a method to heal the drone or speed it up would also be an interesting addition, maybe like some Wisp-like buffs dropped from eximus enemies for the drone that make the higher enemy densities more managable. I'm reminded of the buffs from the Borderlands 1 DLC-Secret Armory of General Knox, where killing enemies gives you drops that can speed you up, restore your shields, or increase your melee damage.

Assassinate: This mission's secondary objective is incorrect. If you fail to kill the assassination target before a minute runs out, you don't get the bonus. Even if it gives you the checkmark for drawing him out before a minute passes. This is probably a bug, but it's been in effect for quite a while, and I've lost quite a few bonus objectives to this, particularly because, like Supply Sabotage, enemies don't seem to want to come towards you and spawns are annoyingly low. Good mission on paper, fix the bug.


And now we reach my final 2, and my most hated 2. These 2 are missions I actively groan at whenever I get them, and it was hard for me to pick the one I dislike more. One because of a terrible side-objective that violates the rules of multiplayer games, the other because of poor design in the first place.

…Let's start with capture. The secondary objective, and I quote the wiki here, requires you to "Complete without killing an enemy." In a game where you are a badass cyborg ninja with 3 other badass cyborg ninjas, the game is asking you to show some goddamn restraint? Then what's the point of my other friend even entering the mission area if he's not allowed to help? Capture targets aren't tanky enough to warrant his help when I can knock them out myself. In fact, it's safer for him to literally fly up in the sky and do nothing… because THE OPTIONAL OBJECTIVE CAN FAIL FOR RANDOM REASONS! Pet or sentinel kills a target? YOU FAIL. Tiny roller mine attaches itself to you? YOU FAIL. You bullet jump and accidentally kill something the second after capturing the target because the mission hasn't officially "completed" yet? YOU BET YOU'RE BRIGHT SHINY TENNO @SS THAT YOU FAIL. Apparently according to some posts here the secondary objective fails if a random plains beast is killed during the mission. In a public lobby, this optional objective might as well not exist. Wide sweeping melee is out, as is any guns with AOE, or any AOE attack. It completely violates the fundamental ideas of multiplayer Warframe, running through the mission while slaughtering everything in your path. It's more viable for any allies you have to fly straight into the air so that they don't risk accidentally getting a goddamn kill. There is no other mission in warframe that requires you to have such restraint, except for maybe the Glast Gambit (a mission I know is universally loved, of course /s). This is one mission that I believe either needs to have it's optional objective reworked or just removed. Still, it's easy to complete, which is more than I can say about our final mission…

Liberation. Honestly, this mission would be totally fine… if I wasn't expected to defend a location, the surrounding area, the city of Fortuna, the planet Saturn, the Tau System, and the Goddamn forest moon of Endor. The areas you are expected to defend are MASSIVE, and like I said in the Supply Sabotage segment, enemies don't have any incentive to… you know… charge at you to actually reclaim the territory they're going after. They don't have agency, and apparently 10 Grineer staying in there for 60 seconds is enough to completely reclaim it against the Tenno, even if they're standing on the opposite side of the massive territory. They even take away "territory" while they're in their dropships, which is idiotic. I've lost more rounds of this to randomly searching for enemies in corners than actually getting overrun. What infuriates me is that this mission is actually pretty fun on Deimos because the locations are more compact, and enemies actually run towards you. You may say: "but the Deimos locations are vertical" but the mining areas in valleys tend to disagree. This is the worst mission on the plains, and is the number 1 reason that my MR20 self hates running plains bounties.

Look… this is opinionated. But I enjoy warframe, I enjoy Orb Vallis and Deimos bounties a lot, even when they get hard. But I seriously think that Plains bounties need to be looked at-deeply, and tested for fun. Because out of the 9 bounties, I enjoy 3, tolerate 4 through annoyances and bugs, and absolutely abhor 2 of them. That's not a good ratio. Reading it over I sound quite angry at times, but these are all emotions I've had playing the game. These are my honest feelings, and I'd appreciate honest discussion about them. Thanks for reading.

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