Speaking as a fan of Nightwave. Series 3’s biggest problem was that it was static. Compare how the GAMEPLAY changed as you progressed Arlo’s plot vs. how static Glassmaker’s was (and how it coulda been better)


Some people just dislike Nightwave on the basis that it's not the crappy old alerts. Nothing will change them. I…actually genuinely like Nightwave, even Series 3 as a replacement of those alerts. I like how they remind me of old radio serials (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, War of the Worlds, etc.)

So speaking as someone whose actually a fan of this system, I found Series 3 dragged on way too long, not just because it is taking so long, but much moreso because of how static the entire narrative have been. Let me elaborate.

In Series 2 The Emissary, as Arlo's cult developed, it had a clear effect on gameplay. Just look at the episodes.

Episodes 1-2: Arlo is discovered, word of him spread, and he starts gaining followers healed by his miracle Touch


Gameplay: When your Warframe is downed, there's a chance Devotees will appear to revive you and babysit you for the mission. It doesn't seem like much, but they were pretty welcome in my solo missions.

Episodes 3: Shit, it's a cult! And they're infesting themselves, rationalizing that it's for Arlo's security.


Gameplay: The friendly Devotees are gone. Now you meet hostile Zealot Heralds and Zealot Proselytizers who use Infested weapons to attack you.

Episode 4: Double shit, Arlo is actually a new strain of Infested! The Cult was just a byproduct of a new intelligent Infested!


Gameplay: The Zealots are getting further infested, now you see Baptizers (both arms are infested) leading them. Worse, there are Infested Derelicts appearing causing Infested outbreaks, and you fight TWO new Infested enemies alongside the Zealots!

Episode 5: It's an outbreak now and they pretty much dropped all pretense.


Gameplay: Zealoid Prelate Assassination mission.

Notice, how as the story progressed, it had an impact on the gameplay too.

Now let's see Series 3: Glassmaker

Episodes 1-4: An Ostron is glassed. Then a Corpus was glassed. Then a good was glassed. Then a Solaris was glassed.



Gameplay: "Hold up, detecting glass resonance"

I'm confident that episode 5 will finally change things up, but it's much too late when you compare how well paced Series 2 was by comparison.

How could Series 3 have improved? The series effect on your missions should slightly change throughout episodes like in Series 2. Since DE built this up like a murder mystery, there should have been some build up. Their first mistake was more or less revealing the identity right away, rather than trying to throw us off with red herrings or keeping it a mystery longer. Make players think it was a Sentient, or a rogue Tenno in a Gara frame, etc. until it's revealed to be Nihil

Episode 1-2: Every mission, there's a chance that 1-2 explosive containers in the map is replaced by a glassed enemy. They're just there, a mysterious anomaly. This is nothing but a largely cosmetic change, maybe the glass explosion has a bigger radius and hurts more. But it's a cosmetic change that gets players thinking.

Episode 3: You meet glass enemies attacking you. It's those statues, but now they're hostile. Build up!

Episode 4: THIS is when the Glassmaker should be more brazen and begin spamming his Glass Resonance like he's always been. Just like in Episode 3, but now you start seeing the glassing happen in front of you. You caught the Glassmaker's attention.

Then in Episode 5 there would have been some climax similar to Zealoid Prelate's boss battle. Notice in this example, the gameplay changes in a minor way. You start seeing statues, the statues are then animate and hostile, then you start seeing the resonance in action. And you only start seeing the Glass Resonances in Episode 4 rather than getting fatigued for four episodes straight of them.

I left out Wolf of Saturn Six because my memory's been hazy, and being their first, it definitely was rougher in the edges. In my opinion The Emissary was Nightwave perfected, an example of it being done right. Nice prizes, gameplay spiced up, a cool boss, and creepy narrative.

Glassmaker felt like a slog because there was no change.

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