Spoiler Enforcement For Heart of Deimos

Warframe1 - Spoiler Enforcement For Heart of Deimos

Due to the upcoming release of Heart of Deimos soon(tm), spoilers will be enforced.

What are the guidelines?

It's simple. In order for a post to fall within our guidelines it must include all of the following:

Either: ADD AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SUBMISSION TITLE OR FLAIR YOUR POST AS "SPOILER" (only available during the period of active spoiler formatting enforcement) This gives it a clear indication that a text/link post contains spoilers. RES users can filter posts with the keyword "". We suggest adding variations like "{spoiler}," and "(spoiler)" as well to be sure.

SPOILER CONTENT CANNOT BE IN THE TITLE. Many times have we seen someone make a point, mark it with and then go on to have the actual spoiler in the title. If we see a spoiler in the title, we'll remove it immediately and request that you resubmit with a different title. People who do not use the subreddit's CSS or people on mobile will see the title; please be conscientious of them.

MARK YOUR POST AS A SPOILER WITH REDDIT'S SPOILER BUTTON. This prevents thumbnails from being displayed, and it should be done automatically by Reddit if the title contains "spoiler." RES users can set a custom filter for posts marked as Spoiler; however, this can be potentially detrimental because many users still mark TSD and TWW content as Spoilers even though we do not actively enforce spoiler formatting for them anymore. If any spoiler posts go un-marked with Spoiler, we will mark it ourselves.


PLEASE REMEMBER TO WARN OF SPOILERS IN COMMENTS OUTSIDE OF SPOILER DISCUSSION POSTS. We have a spoiler tag system for comments. See below for the format. This does not apply to titles of submissions.

Format: Visible text (the quotation marks are required)

Example: Spoiler Warning Important notes

This will NOT be 100% effective. Things will get through and as such you are browsing at your own risk if you care deeply about spoilers. If you're really afraid of spoilers, your best bet is just to ignore the subreddit for a while.

Report any posts/comments violating these rules. There's a lot to sift through. We try to keep up with whatever we can but we're only a limited number of people with limited time. If anyone sees any violation, please report it. You'll be helping us out a great deal.

As noted in the rules page, spoiler formatting will be enforced for Hearts of Deimos open world spoilers and mechanics related to the lore/story, and may also be enforced for New Player Experience spoilers These rules will be enforced until 10 days after the last platform gets the update.

And as a bonus for reading through this entire spoiler enforcement post, use the code HOD-REDDIT for a special surprise in-game!

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