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Warframe8 - Steel Path Combat Limbo

Limbo is typically built for specific mission types like Mobile Defense, Defense, Defection, etc. This usually puts him in the position of either max range, minimum range and large amounts of duration. However, there is another way to show enemies a magic trick if you're willing to put in some effort on the frontline of the battle.

Introducing **COMBAT LIMBO**. https://overframe.gg/build/97629/

This build is **SPECIFICALLY** tuned, down to the EXACT amount of 22.5% duration with quality stats outside of this for a single purpose: To become a dimension-hopping frontline terror in survival and exterminate. The bonus is that this build also allows maximum control over the banishment duration of your enemies and you really don't need stasis to do anything with this build. **SO I GOT RID OF IT**. You will still be killing enemies with your weaponry so be sure to bring something with Punch through, enemy-chaining, or the deadliest melee you can find in your arsenal. I recommend the Kuva Nukor & something like the Trumna/Kuva Quartakk.

If you like to play more passively and would prefer less micromanagment, this build may not be for you. But if you want to truly CONTROL the rift and smash all the buttons, follow below.

Explanation of Mod/Arcane Choice

> Aura: Brief Respite allows you to regen shields quickly after taking a stray bullet, similarly to the augur mod set bonus. However, you could alternatively run Corrosive Projection to strip enemy armor, Energy Siphon (if you somehow have energy problems in this build) or even Speed Holster or Growing Power. Speed Holster is a QOL to switch weapons quicker and Growing power will let you get larger damage amp on enemies with Rift Torrent.

> Vitality, Rolling Guard, Primed Sure Footed: Survivability mods and the only ones you'll need at that. Vitality and Rolling Guard allow you to cleanse status and take advantage of split seconds to get to relative safety between dimensions by rolling. Primed Sure Footed if you have it, but if not, nab yourself a Handspring for a nearly identical effect without being locked behind login days.

> Transient Fortitude, Fleeting Expertise (RANK 4): I cannot stress enough how important this part of the build is. Fleeting **MUST** be rank 4 and Transient MUST be maximized to reach the exact duration of 22.5%. This is the crux of the build, allowing brief banishes and warranting ability spamming. This also nets you 150% efficiency and 155% strength for above average rift torrent amp and the crucial efficiency to an ability rotating build like this.

> Augur Reach: You don't need a lot of range to make this build work and augur reach satisfies the meager amount you want without going overboard. you want to control the number of banished enemies as best as possible so banishing too many at once could be problematic. if you prefer larger aoe's on your abilities, you could run Stretch instead.

> Natural Talent: This completely changes how Limbo feels and makes limbo quite literally more survivable. less time casting = more time fighting. combiine with Amalgam Barrel Diffusion on a secondary weapon to give you faster shifting into the rift as well.

> RIft Torrent: Since Rift Surge is the most valuable ability in this build, Rift Torrent will allow you to effectively slaughter enemies at any level with precise control.

> Primed Flow: You don't want to be running around with low energy reserves in case something goes south. This ensures you'll have MORE than what you need to get the job done.

> Arcanes: Energize + Flow will always net you energy in case you run into Leeches and you can bail to get energy through these means. The second is personal preference. Arcane Guardian will make that vitality go a much longer way if you slip up, but If you're crazy like me, you can run Arcane Primary Charger or Arcane Strike in its place.


Here's how the build works:

ENGAGE WITH BANISH: Limbo engages enemies by banishing them and rolling into the rift after them. Anyone you banish this way will be knocked down. the enemy is banished for just about 5 seconds after you kick them into the rift. At this time, you can take them out OR move to the next step

SURGE TARGETS: Enemies in here are gonna hop out so you can Rift surge targets in the rift. This makes it so when their banish would end, they INSTEAD get rebanished, falling down again and resetting their banish duration. This lets you keep enemies locked in the rift for as long as you would like by constantly surging them over and over. in addition, **RIft Torrent amps your damage for each surged enemy**, allowing you to nuke enemies with EXTREME DPS. You will regularly see a damage amp of 1000% or more with this build and playstyle.

"CROWD CONTROL": I Subsumed Larva into this build from Nidus but if you don't have the helminth system, stasis will still have its uses, even if briefly. While riftbound enemies *could* fight back given a moments' notice, you use larva to clump up large groups of enemies and take them out without retaliation. in addition, **Clumping up enemies that are surged will spread the surge to nearby enemies in OR out of the rift when you kill enemies**. This effectively gives you a rift variation of Saryn spores, just less DOT, and more damage amp.

Cataclysm as a tool, not a crutch: Cataclysm still has a respectable 20.8 meter radius, allowing you to smash and grab a large area of enemies and drag them into the rift, Surge them, and close the cataclysm immediately after, knocking down everyone and keeping them in the rift. you can then re-surge them AGAIN and begin going on your rampage again. this combo is a large commitment and you will probably want to larva up a bunch of these enemies right away and get to killing.

Questions you might have

"If you're spamming your abilities this much, won't energy be an issue?"

> Energy is not an issue in the slightest with this build. While in the rift, you passively generate 2 energy/second. additionally, every time you kill an enemy, you regain 10 energy. with 150% efficiency, banish and larva both cost 13 energy and rift surge costs 25. Essentially, if you kill enemies and perform the proper rotation of abilities, you will always GAIN more energy than you lose. this isn't even factoring in Arcane Energize or the large bursts of energy you will gain from wiping a larva full of riftbound enemies (10 enemies dying = 100 energy for you)

"Without Helminth, what do i DO with stasis in this build?"

> If you don't have access to the helminth system, Stasis still has its place. time stopping enemies will buy you time to resurge enemies, especially in a cataclysm combo. as an alternative, you could utilize ~~SPOILER MODE~~ and the likes of Magus Anomaly to group up enemies. Otherwise, moving from enemy-to-enemy will still work, just less efficiently than using Larva.

"Why not just go max range, max duration?"

> Because Limbo can handle heavy hitter content, but this build lets you be what I want limbo to be: A tip of the hat and a swing of my rapier to wipe a tileset of enemies. It also lets me run an unorthodox low duration build of Limbo that confuses the hell out of people when they see it.

Now that my galaxy brain description is done, Cheers.

Happy hunting, Tenno.

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