Steel Path: Durability is not Difficulty, Try These Instead

Warframe8 - Steel Path: Durability is not Difficulty, Try These Instead

This post and discussion thread will evolve with player feedback.

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If you're not aware, the Steel Path's current form of difficulty involves boosting enemy levels and adding additional durability modifiers to health, armor, and shields to make enemies a bit more offensive and a lot more durable. This doesn't change the usual player approach of nuking crowds and dealing immense single-target damage to win any given scenario in the game, it just challenges players to find what overpowered loose ends DE left around to trivialize the game again.

DE could have used the Steel Path to reinvigorate general gameplay to be more satisfying yet more balanced. I'll list a few suggestions that would make the game more engaging and strategic, and suggest other users posting do the same.

Forms of Difficulty Outside of Making Enemies More Durable

  • Enemies animate and move faster by at least 25%, increasing their damage output and movement speed.
  • All eximi gain the powers of Lich Thralls, such as jumping and charging.
  • Enemies gain a homing flare grenade similar to the ones used to shoot archwings out the sky in open world areas. They will frequently be used to open combat and will come in either the nullifier or knockdown variety. Apply to enemies as desired.
  • Bring back special enemies permanently on the Steel Path–Grineer get their Nightwatch units, Ambulas and Bursas spawn as common heavy units, and the new Infested units introduced during Nightwave chapter 2 Emissary will become mainstay features of missions on this difficulty option.
  • Add new enemies to offset faction deficiencies–give Grineer a kind of nullifier, give Corpus another tank or a fast melee unit, and give Infested another ranged attack unit.
  • Enemies scale upwards over the duration of every mission, even temporary missions like rescue or sabotage.

Modifiers to Be Added If Keeping Current Steel Path Implementation

  • Weak point modifiers to help with the current immense EHP upgrade.
  • Replace static health, shield, and armor sortie modifiers with randomly shuffling modifiers from any sortie or nightmare mission.

Suggested Features Currently Retired as per Player Feedback

  • All player mod magnitudes reduced by about 50% temporarily within the game mode, like Grendel Modless missions.
    • Players considered this excessive as in some cases a reduction in player output would feel similar to enemies being more durable, and some players do not like to feel so restricted. Any changes DE wants to make to mod magnitudes or player power is best done proper in a rework.

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