Stop max rank weapons stealing affinity – take 920492492

Warframe6 - Stop max rank weapons stealing affinity - take 920492492

I realise this has been moaned about before, but I wanted to chuck in my thoughts from a player that's come back after about 6 years away.

As some background, I played extensively years back (around update 10 I believe), but then came back recently and started getting really into it again. A lot has changed, and whilst the mastery rank system was around before, it seemed to have less stuff locked behind it (especially such tangibly better weapons) and have less players moaning about low MR players joining groups – as such there seems to be much more focus on getting up the MR level and there are clear benefits to doing so.

Whilst there may be all sorts of 'issues' with the MR grind after completing the star map, the biggest and most confusing one in my opinion is that max ranked weapons steal affinity, so it's always best (especially when doing something like Sedna-Hydron) to fill all your slots with gear you're ranking (or just one to rank and nothing else).

My issue with this isn't that it's a grind, but more that it encourages poor playing – you're being rewarded for not contributing to the team.

I'm sure we've all seen tons of people just stand at the back on Hydron, maybe use a few abilities but really just wait to get levelled up as they have nothing useful to offer. They can't kill anything with a level 1 cronus and that boar they never levelled up on Sedna-Hydron, and it's much more efficient to stay till level 5 and restart a few times than doing literally anything else.


My suggestion is a simple one – stop max rank weapons stealing affinity – it'd allow everyone to bring something useful along and contribute. Yes, people might still bring just trash weapons to level up, but it wouldn't be quite as optimal (clear speed etc.) or encourage people to just do endless 'levelling grind' missions and get burnt out instead of something more fun as they could attempt a wider selection of missions/events by being able to actually bring something useful along.

I can't see how this would hurt the micro-transaction ecosystem or overall gameplay – it'd still be preferable to buy a booster so DE isn't missing out, and the progression is still gated.

I'd be interested to know all of your thoughts/if I've missed something/got something wrong. I know many people here will have surpassed the MR gating so will have a 'just deal with it' attitude, but try to think what it's like as a relatively new starter if you can.

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