Stug Path: Steel Path but only with Stug

Warframe5 - Stug Path: Steel Path but only with Stug

Steel path brought us +100 levels and some HP/shield/armor modifiers. I won't go into talking whether it brings any challenge, but rather make one for myself.

I decided that to complete Steel Path star chart only using a weapon that is a meme and is believed the worst secondary: the Stug.

These are a few rules I've set:

  1. No primary or melee weapon slots must be empty. Secondary weapon must be Stug.
  2. Deploying archgun is allowed (for arcanes), shooting it is not allowed.
  3. DPS abilities not allowed, but buffs allowed. This requires some examples:
  • Mesa's Regulators, Khora's Whipclaw and any other exalted/pseudo exalted weapons are banned
  • Nuke abilities, such as Volt Discharge, Saryn Spores, Protea Turret or anything that can kill enemies pretty well is not allowed
  • Damage buffs are allowed (so Chroma, Mirage, Rhino damage buffs are very welcome)
  • CC abilities like Vauban's Bastille/Vortex or Ivara Sleep Arrow are allowed, however Nyx Chaos is banned because enemies will kill each other instead of being rekt by Stug
  • Armor stripping abilities are allowed, unless they deal massive damage (e.g. Frost 4 is banned because it can wipe enemies too well)
  • Hildryn 2 is allowed on missions with enemies that have no shields because otherwise it nukes shields and defeats the purpose
  • Specters are generally not allowed, except Shield Drone and other utility ones that don't kill enemies
  • Usage of kiddo is allowed, any school any abilities, but usage of Amps is generally banned (except shooting Cephalite Glass because mighty Stug cannot do that and this could block mission progress)

This means that some frames' kits can't be used at all making them pretty useless and some frames' kits can be partially used to enhance the Stug DPS.

I've already completed 2 planets (Earth and Venus) and here are my general thoughts on the mission types:

  • Assassination missions can be very different (in theory, only did Vay Kek and Jackal so far):
    • Easy (Vay Kek, The Sergeant, Vor etc)
    • Annoying (Jackal kept his back legs away from my fire by rotating and hindering aim with other legs)
    • Insanely time consuming (Lephantis, Zealoid Prelate, Jordas – both Juggernout and AW, etc)
    • Mechanically hard to kill with Stug (Alad V (both Jupiter and infested), Sargas Ruk etc)
  • Capture is easy for grineer targets, annoying for corpus targets
  • Defense
    • Infested is boring and can be completed with pressing 2 buttons (vauban 4 and Stug primary fire)
    • Grineer can be done pretty well by Rift Torrent Limbo + Unairu kiddo), or with Hildryn with much more pressure and risk to get objective rekt
    • Corpus are a pain in Limbo's rift. Nullifiers really make it hard because stug projectiles bounce off bubbles AND nullifiers themselves. Not sure how to deal with those yet (last time I ragdolled them away with kiddo until other enemies were dead)
  • Disruption honestly scares me, no idea if Stug can deal enough damage, even with 1000% chroma/mirage
  • Excavation/Mobile Defense are trivial with Limbo
  • Exterminates just take a bit more time than with proper weapons/abilities (20+ kills per minute is doable)
  • PoE/Orb Vallis bounties – completed both. Only missed one bonus objective in PoE due to bad enemy spawns
  • Hijack probably cheesed with Inaros as always
  • Interception is fairly easy with Vauban – throw Vortexes capture objectives, then shoot giant meatballs of enemies until interception ends
  • Junctions – armor strip + fire a few shots = done
  • Rescue/Spy are as easy as normal mode
  • Survival: Vauban or Chroma make it almost trivial
  • Archwing missions: I'm just gonna use rule 2 and not shoot archgun, melee only because 50 levels are nothing for half assedly modded archmelee

As you can see I've figured a few frames that cover most missions: Hildryn vs Grineer, Chroma vs other factions, Vauban and Limbo are my top choices.

Please comment and tell me which frames you think could be good and why. Ask your questions too 😉

P.S. I can't share "The OP Stug build" because it not exists. I tried about 17 builds so far, from viral heat & corrosive heat to toxin + radiation etc. I have 8 forma on my Stug and I don't recommend doing it unless you have no other entertainment.
P.P.S. Thank you for reading, the post came out quite long!

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