Suggestion: Add Visual Indicators to Renewal

Warframe5 - Suggestion: Add Visual Indicators to Renewal

Oberon's third ability (Renewal) is showing some of its age with new support abilities such as Wisp's Reservoirs and Protea's Dispensary. Both of these abilities have an icon on the map and are able to be easily identified with their unique models on a tile set's structures. However, to help provide insight on what I'd like added, let me explain how Renewal works (to my knowledge):

Renewal is an expanding aura that scales with Range and reaches its maximum radius faster according to Strength. Once the ability has been cast, it will remain in the area the Oberon first placed it in. Renewal's expanding aura quickly fades after being cast though, which means there is no way for a squadmate to find the exact area Renewal is covering without paying attention to when it comes into effect or having the Oberon outright tell them where it is via a waypoint. This is where I'd like to have a few quality of life changes added.

First, as I had mentioned with Wisp and Protea, both of their positioned support abilities can be indicated by the 'alien flowers' and levitating contraption respectively. What I think Renewal needs is a faint green aura (the same glow a player receives when Renewal is active on them if both aren't changed to have the player's energy color) to outline the edge of its radius, similar to what Trinity's updated Well of Life and Garuda's Blood Altar have now. This aura would visually expand as it does now, but have its visuals diminished once it becomes static so it doesn't become too distracting.

Next, I think a large circle showing Renewal's aura (and icon in the middle) on the map would help players find where to get healed, as well as provide more detail on how the ability works (It doesn't follow the Oberon contrary to what some may believe). I'll have my own Trinity Prime's Well of Life and a quick edit I made on Paint 3D attached to show what I mean for my proposed changes.


Lastly, and this isn't much of a visual fix but more of a quality of life one. Have Renewal able to be applied again if it's already been gained and lost by the same player. Renewal has to be recast if a player loses their own from a nullifier, or falls off a map; this can be tedious to manage with a reckless squad. It may go against DE's wishes to have a buff that lasts as long as the Oberon has energy to expend be able to be reapplied (effectively infinite with proper management), but I think this would only serve to remove the most frustrating part of managing what I believe is his kit defining ability.

TLDR: Renewal should be visible on both the map and tile set like other abilities, while also be changed to reapply once a player enters its radius.

Do tell me what you guys think – I love Oberon and the game he's in, and I'd love to hear your own takes on it.

Well of Life's aura to represent Renewal's radius

Map edit of Renewal's icon with a circle to represent its range and placement

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