Suggestion for Wolf Cred offerings to make them better for new and old players

Warframe15 - Suggestion for Wolf Cred offerings to make them better for new and old players

On the topic of Wolf Creds, u/Diribiri puts it nicely:

I love the system, but this is way out of wack. It's more reliable, yes, but it is also much more difficult to get, and I don't think it's balanced out at the moment.

I think the balance of the Wolf Cred Offerings is the most constructive topic to discuss when talking about Nightwaves. It's a good system, it's just not tuned right.

The Problem

The Wolf Cred offerings try and serve every group of player. There are weapons, potatoes, and Vauban for new players, potatoes and helmets for middle players, and a few exclusive cosmetics for veterans that already have everything else. However, I feel that the system is too harshly balanced against new and middle players for a number of reasons:

  1. There is a finite amount of Wolf Cred that can be earned per month, because Standing is well-capped by the limited number of Acts.
  2. Much of this standing is locked behind end-game systems like Sorties and Tricaps, or mid-game systems like SO/ESO and Synthesis. Newer players will have the hardest time gaining standing because of that.
  3. The old Alert system provided a lot of value to newer players: readily available resources, mods, credits, and blueprints.
  4. Items that new and middle players will find most useful are some of the most expensive offerings.

Here are the current prices for the Cred Offerings:

5x Nitain15
Aura Mod20
Vauban Part25
Weapon Skin30
Warframe Helmet35
WoSS Ornament40
Weapon BP50
Orokin Catalyst/Reactor75

To put this into perspective, a player doing every Act earns 43 Wolf Cred/week over a 7-week period until they hit the "prestige" ranks which we haven't seen yet.

There are 7 Daily (7k), 7 Weekly (21k), and 3 Elite Weekly (15k) Acts per week, for a total of 43k per week. Fugitives add a negligible amount to that.

It costs 10k standing per Rank, for a total of 300k to Rank 30 over the span of the Nightwave.

Doing every Act, it will take you 6.97 weeks to reach Rank 30 before you start earning "prestige" ranks.

By the time you reach Rank 30, you will have earned 6×50 Wolf Cred bundles, for a total of 300 Wolf Cred.

This means you earn 43 Wolf Cred per week on average, until you hit "prestige" ranks which we haven't seen yet.

So far, only about 20k standing has been from tasks I'd call "easy". The remaining 23k has been split between Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts, like capturing a Hydrolyst or completing a Sortie which aren't available to new players. If we're generous and say that a new-middle player is able to earn 30k standing per week, they'll have just enough to reach Rank 30 by the end. At that rate they'll earn only 30 Wolf Cred per week.

With that in mind, there are two Offerings that stick out to me: the weapon BPs and the potatoes (and possibly Forma and tomatoes, which we haven't seen priced yet).

The weapon BPs cover weapons like the Heat Sword, Pangolin Sword, and Jaw Sword. These weapons are not very good on their own and only serve as collectables or Mastery fodder. The only players that will even want these weapons are new players and middle players looking to grind Mastery, the same players which are most disadvantaged when using the new system. Spending a week and a half just to get a Plasma Sword doesn't sound very rewarding, especially when it means you have to give up other desirable items like mods, Warframe parts, or potatoes.

At a cost of 75 Wolf Cred, it'll take a player roughly 2 weeks to earn a single potato (a little more or less depending on your rate). This, ironically, lines up almost exactly with the average GotL alerts which offer the same thing for doing a single low level mission. When potatoes only cost 20p each and are given out for free every other week, it becomes hard to justify giving up every other type of reward to save up.

The Solution

I think the easiest solution to this is to rebalance the Offerings.


1. Move Weapon BPs to the Market for credits

These items suck and are only desirable to new players or players grinding mastery. Older players either already have the mastery or don't have interest in such poor weapons. When they could be obtained for doing a single low-effort Alert this wasn't so bad, but at such a steep cost it no longer makes sense to offer these items where Alerts used to be. Move these items to the Market, where new players can simply buy them for regular credits. This would give new players some introductory weapons and an extra source of Mastery to start their journey.

2. Add Resources as Cred Offerings

One of the things that made Alerts so valuable to newer players is the ready access to credits and resources. The only reason these were so unpopular is because DE has long refused, for some unknown reason, to simply buff the rewards to make them worthwhile. Adding bundles of resources (1,000x Plastids, 500x Oxium, 1,000x Endo) as weekly 5-10 Cred Offerings would restore the value Alerts gave to new players. This would also give more veteran players a Cred sink, since you can always use more resources.

3. Reduce the cost of Catalysts to 50 Wolf Cred

Newer players need these items more than older players, and as stated before these players are most disadvantaged by the new system. I've got almost 50 of each sitting in a pile just waiting for something to be installed on. I don't need these, nor will I ever buy them. I think that they're just too expensive, especially compared to the 20p price-tag on the market.

4. Add Wolf Sledge parts as Cred Offerings

I have still yet to see the Wolf even once. I don't think there's anything I can really do about this, since I've long since passed the point where I can rack up the high mission counts required to get reliable spawns. My biggest fear with the Nightwave system is that I'll make it well past Rank 30 without seeing the Wolf often enough to get all of his parts. I don't want to have to buy it from some schmuck for 2,000p, that's ridiculous.

Adding these parts to the Cred Offerings would give a backup to players who just can't play enough to have the Wolf spawn reliably. At a cost of, say, 25 Wolf Cred per common part (Handle, Head) and 50 Wolf Cred per uncommon part (BP, Motor), players like me would be able to save up enough to buy the parts at the end of the Nightwave if RNG isn't on our side.

The only people harmed with this change are the scalpers trying to make a quick buck at the expense of everyone else, and they can get fucked.

The Result

With the above changes, the new offerings would look something like this:

Common Resource Bundle5
Rare Resource Bundle10
5x Nitain15
Aura Mod20
Vauban Part25
Common Weapon Part25
Weapon Skin30
Warframe Helmet35
WoSS Ornament40
Orokin Catalyst/Reactor50
Uncommon Weapon Part50

I feel that this would be much more reasonable costs at a rate of 30-43 Cred per week.

At the end of the day, I don't need any of these changes. I'm a veteran player. The Acts are all accessible, I've got almost all of the helmets, I've got dozens and dozens of potatoes and Forma just sitting around, and I've got the plat to just buy items like the Sledge outright if things don't go my way.

It's the newer or less fortunate players that are going to suffer, and that's wrong. I feel like the above changes would improve the experience for newer players and also add some value to players more like me.


  1. Move weapon BPs like Heat Sword, Pangolin Sword, Jaw Sword, etc. to the Market. They're too expensive at 50 Cred for newbies, who are the only ones that would even want them.
  2. Add weekly Resource Bundles (1,000x Plastids, 3,000x Ferrite) as offerings for 5-10 Wolf Cred. Good for everyone, you always need em. Adds a Cred sink.
  3. Reduce the cost of consumables like potatoes to 50 Wolf Cred. They're too expensive right now compared to plat.
  4. Add Wolf Sledge parts as offerings for 25 (Common) and 50 Wolf Cred (Uncommon). If you don't get to fight him much you still have a backup way to obtain this item, though you can't get a lot of other things.

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