Suggestions on improving Excalibur

Warframe13 - Suggestions on improving Excalibur

Doesn't he deserve a bit more attention, being that important for Warframe? I mean, right now he is the mascot of the game, a starting frame available for newbies, an important plot character in case with Umbra, and an exclusive luxury reward for founders in case with Prime version. And while being all of that, Excal remains outdated and only serves as something to hold his Exalted sword, which is the only reason to ever pick him.

I suggest reworking his passive, 1 and 3 skills to better match his swordsman theme and provide Excalibur with more push-able buttons and solo potential.

• Passive:

+5s combo duration/8s for swords +10% additional combo counter/+20% for swords +30% heavy attack charge speed/+40% for swords

Those stats are useful both for BR/WW and heavy attack builds, while providing more of QoL improvement than a direct DPS buff, which is more reasonable with melee being overpowered in current meta. Also remember that Nikanas, Dual Swords and Rapiers also fall into the category of "swords" for the current Excal's passive, and it should stay so.

• Slash Dash:

Deals damage equal to a regular attack with Exalted blade with current combo counter taken into account, while also being able to crit and utilize Condition Overload and Heavy Attack associated mods. For example, with Killing Blow installed Slash Dash will not deal double damage with double critical chance and neither will consume stacked combo counter as Heavy Attacks do, but will gain additional 110% melee damage and 60% faster animation speed, and will heal 20% of damage done with Life Strike equipped.


This could provide some diversity in building Excalibur. Exalted blade can be used both as a weapon on its own with Slash Dash being an alternative to heavy attack, or as a stat stick, providing either high survivability with healing from Life Strike or high ability damage without a need to toggle Excal's 4.

• Radiant Javelin:

After hitting their targets, javelins return to Excalibur with a short delay, pulling enemies hit into melee range. Each enemy pulled in temporarily grants 50 bonus armor scaling with ability strength, with cap being 1000 additional armor. Default ability range is lowered to 16 meters.

Speaks for itself. This would synergize well with both Radial Blind and Slash Dash while also allowing Excalibur to be built as a Nidus-like crowd controller with Overextended and Stretch mods.

With reworked Wukong being a thing, I think that Excalibur deserves buffs like these more than anyone else, and even if my ideas aren't that good, I still hope that DE will remember him any time soon. Show Excal some respect he deserves.

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