Surprisingly, the best frame for Soma Prime is Saryn infused with Xata’s Whisper.

Warframe6 - Surprisingly, the best frame for Soma Prime is Saryn infused with Xata's Whisper.

With the release of Deimos, the Soma Prime received a new shiny augment named Hata-Satya which increases its Critical Chance by 1.2% per hit up to 500%! The problem is that it resets upon reloading or holstering, so would want to recharge it as fast as possible.

With Split Chamber, it would at best take the entire 200 bullets you have in reserve to get close to 500%, and with Riven, you'd hit 500% at about the 134th bullet. Vigilante Armaments would make this faster too, but I feel like its difficult to slot in with the augment.

However, lets say you want to achieve that 500% in under 50 bullets; this is where Saryn comes in.

Before I explain what Saryn does, let me quickly explain how many buff abilities in Warframe work. Buffs are generally applied as an additional 9th mod, such as Shock Trooper which adds an extra 100% Electricity mod to a weapon. This also means that 100% electricity is kinda deceptive since it only increases weapon damage by 100% of its modded base damage/multishot and additive to its existing elements, so it isn't actually a 100% increase in damage. This is why some abilities like Roar are very strong, since Roar applies as a universal Faction Damage mod which is multiplicative with all other mods.

Saryn's Toxic Lash is unique, as in it doesn't function like a mod at all. It increases a weapons Toxin damage by 30%, but this is applied after all mods. The way DE implemented this ability is that it creates an additional hit based on a percentage of final damage from a weapon that proc'd it. This also means it counts as an additional hit for Hata-Satya!


Using Saryn alone would effectively double all hits for Hata-Satya, making it possible to hit 500% in about 100~ bullets! However, we can go further. 100 bullets means that you only utilize the mod for half of the magazine which isn't good enough.

So now we turn to our new friend, Xaku. Xata's Whisper functions exactly as Toxic Lash does, being that it doesn't function like a mod at all and increases Void damage by 26%. The bonus is that this ability can be infused to any Warframe using the Helminth.

This is great! It means we get a total of x3 procs from infusing right? Wrong. We get x5.

Oddly enough, Toxic Lash and Xata's Whisper can proc eachother. It goes as follows:

  • Initial hit (1) procs Toxic Lash (2) and Xata's Whisper (3)

  • Toxic Lash (2) procs Xata's Whisper (4)

  • Xata's Whisper (3) procs Toxic Lash (5)

With this result, we can fully charge Hata-Satya in about 40~ bullets with just Split Chamber, or 27 bullets with a Riven!

Now before you go feeding your Xaku to Helminth, you gotta ask yourself, is all this effort actually worth it? No, it isn't. Kuva Karak is better. (Ok maybe my testing build is just bad)

Thanks for reading!

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