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Syndicate Ephemeras

After commenting briefly the other day about the need for additional Syndicate rewards, I decided to work up some rough renderings of potential Syndicate Ephemeras.Indeed Syndicates are in bad need of some additional cosmetic rewards (obvious candidates include faction specific armor pieces, faction specific operator garb (similar to syndicate operatives' suits)), however the most attractive idea is an ephemera that fits the theme and/or aesthetic of each faction.The naming of these would follow the conventions already present in the weapon augment names: Truth, Purity, Justice, Blight, Sequence, and Entropy.

Truth – a pulsing aura emitting some smoke that radiates outwards, similar in effect to the Arbitration Drones. Unlocking two color energy would allow different colors for the smoke and aura.

Purity – a golden glow rising from the body, and faint glowing leaves that lift up from the shoulders as if carried in a breeze. Similar to the "leaves" of Fae Path but rising instead of falling behind. Unlocking two color energy would allow different colors for the leaves and the glow.

Justice – a wave of brushed steel texture ripples across the body every few moments, similar to the intermittent body effect of the Static Reactor Sigil. Unlocking two color energy would allow different colors for the light and dark tones of the striations of the effect. My other idea was some sort of Grineer camo effect, twisting like a Celtic knot but I could not find any clear flattened examples of this camo.


Blight – a tongue of flame and it's trail of smoke wind their way around your body, fading out near the head to begin again at the feet. There isn't currently an ephemera option that swirls/ rotates around the frame, the closest parallel is maybe Nova's Antimatter particles. Unlocking two color energy would allow different colors for the smoke and streaks of light.

Sequence – shining Corpus characters are shed from your frame's back and drift slowly to the ground behind you like falling leaves, symbolizing Perrin's abandonment of Corpus doctrine.Unlocking two color energy would allow different colors for the letters and the glow they emit.

Entropy – glowing fragments of broken data cubes rise from your shoulder and trail behind you as you walk, further disintegrating as they float away. You exude the thirst for knowledge. Unlocking two color energy would allow different colors for the various sides of the data cubes.

I would suggest that these would cost 150,000 standing, as something to work towards, and only a few missions more than the cost of the Syndicate Syandanas.

Bonus Concept: each of these Ephemeras could offer a slight character boost in some way, similar to Syndicate specific weapons. Only beneficial boosts, so as not to discourage their use. For instance, the Red Veil ephemera could slightly reduce enemy fire accuracy, or the Suda one could offer an increased chance to gain two scans instead of one, etc.

Thanks for reading Tenno, please let me know any thoughts you have or tweaks you'd suggest!

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