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Warframe10 - Tenno Health and Shields

Since DE changed it so that Tenno have their own versions of health and shields, I figured I'd look into what that meant for mods like Antitoxin and Aerodynamic. There's gonna be a lot here, and some is probably already known and I was just unaware of it, but the tldr is:


Tenno Health has 122.5% Damage Susceptibility to all damage types

Tenno Shields have 97.5% Damage Susceptibility to all damage types

With the use of mods such as Diamond Skin or Antitoxin, you can reach full immunity to those damage types – BUT ONLY WHILE GROUNDED! After introducing Aerodynamic into the game, they made it so that airborne damage resistance mods cap at 90%, to prevent being able to stack Aerodynamic in a squad with other Airborne mods to become immune to all damage types.


Now, what I did not know was that Adaptation affects the health type damage modifiers directly, and is not a multiplicative effect. This means that it stacks directly with Aerodynamic, Toxin Resistance, and the like. What this also means, is that Adaptation is subject to the 90% airborne damage resistance cap. I was very confused because, I would have Antitoxin or Diamond Skin alongside Adaptation, and I would be immune to their respective damage types, but as soon as I jumped, i would begin taking damage again. Now I know why.



Now for the damage type resistances, I was doing testing with Antitoxin, as I mentioned, and I had Adaptation stacked up alongside +15% Antitoxin, using a Mutalist Osprey's toxin clouds to test damage. At 105% total toxin resistance, I was still taking damage, and I was confused. So, I started adding more and different combinations of Antitoxin and Toxin Resistance, and found that at 120% total Toxin resistance, I was still taking damage (Capped Adaptation + 30% Antitoxin), but at 122.5% (Capped Adaptation + 30% Antitoxin + 2.5% Toxin Resistance), I was immune to the damage (until I jumped, of course).

I decided to test other damage resistance mods, so next up was Diamond Skin for Radiation resistance. I went to the Void, and used Ivara (since I didn't want the enemies to bother me) and played around in the lasers. I found that with only Adaptation, I took damage to my shields, but with just a +7.5% Diamond Skin – bringing my total resistance up to 97.5% – I was immune. Just to make sure, I took Inaros to the Void as well, and at 120% Radiation resistance, I was still taking damage from the lasers, but at 127.5% (there's no Radiation Aura like Toxin Resistance to test exactly 122.5%), I was immune.


This, I guess, IS 25% Damage Resistance on shields, as was stated in the devstreams, but it's definitely not the 25% Resistance I was thinking of. I was thinking of a multiplicative 25% Resistance, or even a 100% Health Damage Susceptibility to all types, and 75% Susceptibility to Shields.

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