Tennobaum secret santa thread! Join until December 18th!

Warframe10 - Tennobaum secret santa thread! Join until December 18th!

Since Tennobaum is now ongoing, (and I saw it mentioned in that thread that a "secret santa" would be cool idea) I thought I would try to arrange one.

The rules!

Post in this thread with your Platform, IGN, Favorite Frame, and most wished item! (Mod, Prime Part, etc).

On the 18th, I will do the

and link you your target, and their post!

As a Santa, you only have to spend what you're comfortable spending, and have until Next Friday, the 21st, the give your gift! Check their post as well as the wishlist in their profile!

Have fun guys!

450 comments later….

Going to be super big and super fun!


Remember to have a wishlist with all sorts of things of all sorts of prices on it! That way anyone can be a Santa! And at the very least, put your favorite frame on there for noggles!


1300+ Comments? The anticipation!

Come on! Let's hit 1500!

This will close at Midnight Tonight, US Pacific Time! You have ~24 hours from this edit!

Nice! Keep Going! 6 hours to go! Obligatory, thanks for the gold forma!

If you're not aware you cannot gift or trade Tennogen items on PC, only on Console.

Okay! Entries are locked. I'm going to start with Switch users because there's the least amount of them, then go XBox, PS4 and PC. Happy Tennobaum everybody!

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